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I am reminded of the plage naturiste at Cap d'Agde in France.
As those who have visited the region will know, the beach continues north from the resort area.
Just a sign proclaims Nude one side and textile the other side.
Hence either are visible to each other around that sign area.
I have been at Kambah Pool when boy scouts have tromped through doing orienteering.
And the day that the coppers appeared in a swarm did cause some hectic activity of grabbing towels or clobber.
I guess that courtesy can still be exhibited by those not wishing to offend even though they are in the correct designation.
Remaining in the water all day until a family decide to depart could be extending courtesy to the extreme.

Is a Reliant Regal anything

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Is a Reliant Regal anything like a Gogomobile ?
And, I guess that you would pass starboard wine to the right ?
I often squiz the guide dogs in training here at the mall.
Got an L plate on them and bunch of handlers.
Real cute hound dogs, but you ain't permitted to pat them.
Reminds me of when I was trekking around frozen Switzerland.
Didn't get to squiz the Matterhorn due to frozen fog.
But, on the train ride back down from Gornergrat a pair of St Bernard rescue dogs jumped aboard with their handlers.
Talk about gorgeous hound dogs.
But, the things would probably eat the side of a lamb each day.
No brandy in the barrels hanging around their necks though, so spruiked the handlers when I asked.


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