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I know how hard it is,

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I know how hard it is, especially away from major centers of population; in the specific regional context of South West buffers I simply wanted to make an offer and give folks an all too rare opportunity in (relative!) proximity...
Nevertheless, thanks for responding :)

Sadly much as I would love to

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Sadly much as I would love to come and visit and feast on the sights sounds and atmosphere of a group gathering it is over 300 miles round trip! I would imagine with the smaller road probably a 5 hour trip, such a shame!

Sadly, in the 3 weeks since

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Sadly, in the 3 weeks since posting an offer to host I have received only a single reply which was very nice, but not an "Accept" so to speak. Other things are vying for space in my diary and so my offer for the 6th of November is now withdrawn.  I tried; I hope others will try with more success; I remain open to enquiries and proposals if anyone is travelling my way in the weeks and months to come.Best wishes to you all,GGYou get out what you put in, but I had hoped to be meeting more than myself in the mirror, frankly!


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