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I'm looking for good recomendations for naked Tai Chi on line. Or just good quality Tai Chi tuition and then I can do it naked!I generally do my morning stretches, nothing too strenuous!, and a few very basic yoga exercises naked as i find it much less restricting. Adn frankly, more enjoyable.any one else doing Tain Chi can ppoint me in the right direction?TIAFreddie

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Social media runs by US laws,

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Social media runs by US laws, these are much harsher on nudity on view. Majority is viewed under those laws as being sexual so is banned. This has repercussions when it comes to each generation using social media more and more. There will not be a balance between accepted nudity and sex until social media are forced to allow for national laws other than those of the US.
These attitudes go back to the puritans on the Mayflower and are built into the ruling class and constitution over there. It has effects on society in all of Europe as the youth of today are becoming less accepting of nudity even in countries who traditionally are seen as accepting of it. The social implications are numerous and include mental health issues, teen pregnancy and inequality.

An interesting viewpoint,

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An interesting viewpoint, Sunlover. Actually, I think you have hit the nail on the head when you mention social media, and that the UK is adopting a less tolerant attitude. We have seen it regarding the recent election campaign, some scathing remarks online, really quite pointed and cruel, because people can be vitriolic anonymously behind a keyboard. There seems to be reduced tolerance of anything that doesn't accord with someone's point of view, and an increasing willingness to criticise, even demonise, anything regarded as "other". Since naturism is, unfortunately, a minority interest in this country, sadly we may find ourselves increasingly criticised and marginalised, which will do nothing to encourage new recruits into the fold.


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