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Ha ha that is funny!! Reminds

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Ha ha that is funny!! Reminds me of a nudist area at a beach in NW Scotland I've visited a couple of times, theres a railway line passes right next to it and the first time I visited, sure enough, the train went past. I was the only nude (or dressed, for that matter) person there and it caught me by surprise, as I had no idea the line was there......I'm not sure there were many on the train or not, but it made me think how often passengers see nude people on their way to and from work lol. 

I saw this earlier on the BBC

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I saw this earlier on the BBC website, made me laugh. Thanks for sharing. I liked the comment from the rail operator "It is not as uncommon as you might think". I'm left wondering what's the attraction of sunbathing nude near railway lines?

I find that it's quite

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I find that it's quite interesting that we have got to post number 74 ,and unless I have missed one, this is the first mention of a female that on occasion drives naked. I know that this site is mainly male, but I'm wondering if this is something that only us guys do! Also, nude walking, it tends to be us males that take part more often than our female friends. Is it just that guys like to talk about doing it, while the females do it too, but don't post on here about taking part?

The dry weather is making the

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The dry weather is making the cliffs crumble and there's been a considerable amount of land slippage in places. I watched a number of large rocks fall yesterday so be aware that it's not that safe on some of the beach if you're near the the edge when the tide is in. The weather changes tomorrow anyway and there's some rain forecast so I suspect there will be more land movement. 


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