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We went, parked at horsey and

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We went, parked at horsey and walked. Didn't see anyone apart from occasional dog Walker and then the crowd near where the seals was but that was nearer horsey. In-nerves us a bit if we was to be the only ones naked as I don't think it's an official site. And like to avoid confrontation. But that's us. 

Thanks JR.  I have a few I

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Thanks JR.  I have a few I could pose, but we'll go to France for the next one. In the "Departement" of Gers, near Pau and Toulouse adjacent to the Pyrenees, there is a town, whose name is the same as the surname of former French rugby International lock (1st name Jean).  The town is also a word in the English language for something the French refer to as "un capot anglais". This is a very slang term. The English also have a term for this word which is "French ...... ". Remember the French and English are usually very derogatory about each other. What is the town's name, the lock's name and also this English word.

Yeah that's what I've been

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Yeah that's what I've been told too, I struggled for years to fine something suitable and nothing so far, all are either so thick that I end up covered in sand and destroys any clothes I might have been wearing (tee shirt sleeves and collar so greasy etc), there was another oil based one which when I sweat and it ran down my face/eyes stung to the point of being nasty. 


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