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Sure the towel was an oversight but it is sadly an issue we see in a few places and good for you noticing it and highlighting it.

We use towels in our caravan as well as in public.

But yes nice photo.

Ha! Brenderella. No bricks

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Ha! Brenderella. No bricks thankfully. I was a young lad. No more than 13 at the time. We lived on a new housing estate and the next phase was still under construction so part built houses and equipment everywhere. In the summer, must have been 1972, I wondered around the site one night and ended up sitting in a dumper truck gazing at the stars under a crystal clear night sky. Don't know what drove me to do it but I stripped off. No one around and far enough from the houses to be seen. It was an amazing feeling which I guess had an influence on me from then on. I did the same on a few more warm nights though it was more than 20 years later that I made it to a naturist beach (Cap d'Agde) with other nudists.

Bowie was at London Docklands. 1990. Not his best gig perhaps but at least I got to see him.

Bertio - I wish someone would

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Bertio - I wish someone would offer me £2000 to photo my arse. How did you manage to get that gig?

Silverfox - did your first naturist experience on a building site involve two bricks by any chance? And where did you see Bowie?

Oh well, in for a penny - in

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Oh well, in for a penny - in for a Pound!
1. I'm a proud Lancastrian
2. I've supported Manchester City since 1969 - through thick and thin. Mostly thin!
3. I prefer Rugby Union to football these days
4. I've seen my hero David Bowie live in concert
5. I can't play a musical instrument. I have tried!
6. my favourite snack is a good coffee and danish pastry
7. my first 'naturist' experience was on a building site!
8. I'd never broken a bone in my body until I was 40
9. I once walked naked in the foothills of Snowden
10. I always wanted to be an RAF pilot but ended up flying a desk in civvie street!

There you go. make of that lot what you will!


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