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I'll give it to you, Ramjet.

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I'll give it to you, Ramjet. My source said it was betwen Rugby and Nuneaton, but Crick is very close to Rugby. The only Weedon shown on my atlas is well away from the A5, but there may be another one not shown on my map. Certainly the A5. Over to you.

Wouldnt go there in March

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Wouldnt go there in March unless it was for flying a kite. Went May last year was warm in the hollows of the dunes but wind break needed. Few there usual blokes on own 2 couples was mid week but no one bothered anyone. I would go to canaries or southern spain but not here.

Well done JR. England&Wales

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Well done JR. England&Wales has 6 zones (1-6) and Scotland has 3 (7-9) corresponding to the 9 Ax roads.. Wikipedia gives the example of the A38 Bodmin to Mansfield. Starts in zone 3, crosses 4 + 5 and ends in 6.  Back to you

Trunk roads radiate from

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Trunk roads radiate from London and Edinburgh in a clockwise direction (A1 to A6 from London and A7 to A9 from Edinburgh). Other trunk roads take their first digit from the trunk road (A1 to A9) immediately anticlockwise from the sector where they start. As an example, all trunk roads which start between the A2 and A3 will be called the A2xxx. The road number will not change when the road crosses into another sector.

Prudery, especially when

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Prudery, especially when young is an additional problem.   Even if you can cope with the idea of being seen naked, the idea of being seen with an erection is unthinkable.And if older people encourage you, they are taking a big risk.We have a long way to go yet!


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