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Ok - here goes....

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Ok - here goes....

1. I was once arrested in China and escorted out of the country under armed guard.
2. I'm allergic to penicillin.
3. I'm a massive Doctor Who fan - my house is full of collectibles.
4. I recently lost 3 stone in a year.
5. I've never read a Harry Potter book or seen any of the films.
6. My favourite group is New Order.
7. My middle name is Nigel and I hate it. (sorry any Nigel's out there!)
8. I took voluntary severance 2 years ago after 34 years in the same job - and now work just 2 days a week!
9. I love the "Nightmare on Elm Street" films.
10. I'd like to move to New Zealand.

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well, here it is from me.

Latest Forum Comments -

well, here it is from me.

1/ The first 45 single that I bought was by The Bonzo dog do da band, I'm the urban spaceman. And the first live concert that I went to was, Monty Pythons Flying Circus.

2/Didn't get on at all well at school, was always told I'll never get on in life by looking out of the window, I've driven trucks just about all my working life. My boss thinks it's a grate idea to look out of the window as much as I can!

3/ I have quite sensitive nipples and my right one is bigger than the left.

4/ When I was about 8, we nearly emigrated to Australia, we were going to Adelaide. I would have been a £10 pom! Then my farther decided that we wouldn't go, still don't know why we didn't go.

5/ I left school with only 2 C.S.E's. At the time kids like me were told we're thick, good job things have changed, as they now are told they have Dyslexia . [thank the lord for spell checker]

6/ I can still remember the registration number of my first car, 475BAX a white mini, I also remember my moped registration COW82K. a Solifer, think they were from Eastern Europe.

7/I have never spent the night in a hospital through illness or accident, and as far as I know have never broken any bones.

8/ I cant play any musical instrument, but was told that I had quite a nice singing voice, I thought the word 'quite' was a little unnecessary!

9/ when I was school goal keeper, in assembly my performance the following day after a match was described as ' a Gordon Banks type Performance' still remember feeling relay good about myself. the next game however, I made a right mess of it! The older I get the better player I was.

10/ I once met Simon LeBonn, It was in the time that he was sailing his boat 'Drum' out of Hamble,
looked like he had had a good hard day sailing, I didn't recognise him, my wife told me who it was later.

this is harder than you first think!


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