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1. I once got paid £2000 for

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1. I once got paid £2000 for having my arse (actually my whole back and side view) photographed for an ad for The National Osteoporosis Society. I never saw it used anywhere and considering plenty of people have seen my arse for free I think I got a good deal.
2. I collect Northern Soul records.
3. I've been naked on the roof of one of the tall office buildings in Canary Warf.
4. I've had very many jobs but the longest was as a landscape gardener which I stopped doing at 40. I still cant relax in a garden without doing some light weeding.
5. Someone tried to murder me in 1989.
6. I can smell b*llsh*t a mile off and have a low tolerance level for which might partly be why someone tried to murder me.
7. I made a conscious decision at 19 never to have kids and as far as I know I've kept that true.
8. The thought of eating shellfish makes me feel ill.
9. I went to my first nudist beach when I was 17 or 18. It was another 20 years before I realised I'd been going to that same beach for the last 10 years. It was Fairlight and is still my favourite
10. I got very very very drunk in a club on my birthday in Cap D'agde in the 80's. Apparently I ended up dancing on the stage and the cabaret act couldn't get me off, so they carried on with me behind them, back to the audience. I have no memory of it at all, but do have a photo of me the next morning and I have mascara on.

For what its worth.......

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For what its worth.......
1. I used to be incredibly shy and easily embarrassed to the point where I would go bright red if the centre of attention.
2. I never liked to have my photograph taken and this is one reason why I took up photography, so as to be on the right side of the camera.
3. There was a time when I wouldn't even take my tie off in public (slight exaggeration but I'm sure you get the point).
4. Hate is probably too strong a word, but I'm generally unhappy with most of my body.
5. I love cooking. Especially when providing a meal for friends and family.
6. Love coffee - hate tea (really hate the stuff, it makes me feel sick).
7. I am generally useless at sports, especially those I enjoy watching such as Rugby Union, Cricket and golf.
8. I envy people who know what they want to do in life. I'm very good at knowing what I don't want to do but not so good at working out the other side of it.
9. I'm a regular gig goer and prefer standing to seated gigs - even at my age (currently 60).
10. I own two guitars even though I can't play (a bit like sport - see 7). This should provide me with something to do on wet weather days when I retire.


story of the human race

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story of the human race somebodies pleasure can and most often does outweigh their concern for safety or sense of respect for the people/situation/area, always been this way and probably always will

I do try to keep the 2

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I do try to keep the 2 separate though sometimes the opportunity will present itself. Therefore I would say:
Male, nudist, with tolerance for swingers.
My wife will no longer indulge in either activity. Both have, together, in the past but I'm now a solo naturist/nudist. I don't live my life naked I grab opportunities when I can. I prefer the beaches. Most of the time i just want an hour or so when it fits in with life, to get naked in the garden or on the beach. So long as I'm not harrased or swingers are overly blatant then each to their own.
Some interesting comments in replies earlier inthis thread and one in particular hits home...we should be aware that if our tolerance to very open swinging/sexual activities weakens, then the likelihood is that more and more naturist araes will get closed down or restricted.
So I guess live and let live but let's all be sensible about it and how any of our activities might impact on others and indeed on ourselves!


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