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I understand your sentiments

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I understand your sentiments as I have suffered but pardon the pun but bear with it and you find that they are a lot of normal and pleasant people who are naturists. I went to an afternoon event at Higher Beeches Gardens last year which Walmart from beaches was my first public naturist event and I loved it. Try one of those events and even arrange to meet someone there if you would be more comfortable with that. 

i'm a married ( wife thinks

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i'm a married ( wife thinks naturism is weird and smutty ) solo naturist, i have been treated as some kind of contageous infection on naturist beaches by some couples, single males and females, it's irritating and offensive that i have to isolate myself at the far end of the beach, it's true i have met a lot of naturist couples who accept solo men and been invited to stay and chat, even invited to groups for chats and play beach games, i do admit there are some guys who are obvious voyeurs who deserve all the abuse they get but not all solo men are like that, sorry if this seems to be a rant, it isn't, i feel let down by the minority in the naturist community, i now avoid beaches and confine my naked activies to home and garden, i appologes if this upsets anyone and accept i could possibly be banned.

Whenever one is in the South

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Whenever one is in the South African Karoo in summer...beware...the heat is a dry hot  almost desert heat,and in a matter of are as  red as as a tomatoe....or pink like sole....believe me!But then again,at the heach,the heat is different!And seems more painful when sunburnt.

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In our complex,there is a

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In our complex,there is a definate rule..."No nudity,but I am an owner,and do go nude about the house,and when the curtains are open at night,people can see me nude,and a few times people knocking saw me nude.If they do complain,I am the owner of my will not stop me going nude.

Hi luvtobefree.  Hahaheha !!

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Hi luvtobefree.  Hahaheha !! i'm glad to hear you didn't get named Randy, and got Robin, a very old and traditional name for boys.  The american version for girls seems to be most popular as "Robyn" but has branched out into oh-so-many variations on the spelling.

Hi, Robin here as well,

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Hi, Robin here as well, originally my mother considered calling me Randy (American based) glad she changed her mind! :)  the american version seems to have become more popular now as Robyn

Thanks Brendarella. 

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Thanks Brendarella.  Sorry i haven't worked out how to make separate paragraphs on here.  Originally Robin is only a boys' name because it is a diminutive of Robert, so no girls were call Robin back in the 1950s.  We can blame the Americans for starting to use it as a girls' name in more recent decades - at first as Robyn, but then Robin and various other spellings - and from the USA it has spread to the UK and to Europe.The introducion to touch-typing is interesting!  For the last two years in my school the girls did Typewriting with Office Practice for two afternoons per week at the local College of Further Education.  My year was the first time that the boys were given the option of doing this with the girls, and i did this with one other boy from my class.  Then for the first two years in my first job we had day release on 1 day per week at the same college to do Principles of Accounts, Certificate in Office Studies, and Typewriting.The BA is made up of several courses over a number of years, mainly consisting of the arts, sociology, education, and comparative religion.


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