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@peterg: If you can access it

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@peterg: If you can access it by your phone or iPad on the same WiFi it can only be a laptop software issue. Sky routers can be problematic with allowing devices like printers to connect but if your laptop can connect to post here for example the problem has to be with the security software on the laptop. The router does not know what kind of device it is talking to. It can identify the type of chip-set used in the device but little else.

Over zealous security software apart from slowing your computer can be a real pain at times.

If Zsa Zsa Gabor, I believe

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If Zsa Zsa Gabor, I believe that she made a living from sending herself up as well as exaggerating what most women want, financial security in relationship and blowing it out of all proportion.
Less anti dogs and more pro diamonds.

I'm not in this quiz as this

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I'm not in this quiz as this subject's a bit too specialist for me but do cast a look at it occasionally out of interest. I have to say the Zsa Zsa (who ever she is - I'm guessing a she from the actress reference in Q) doesn't sound particularly bright...dogs are THE best friend anyone can have. Guess she was some shallow diva-type?


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