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Here’s mine, in date order: 

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Here are mine, in date order: 

  1. My mother was certain i would be a boy (she was right), and my name was already chosen before i was born (1951).
  2. For as long as i can remember i’ve never been shy or embarrassed about being nude.
  3. As a young child i once drenched everyone with orange squash when the adults raised their glasses to say “cheers” and i tried to do the same, but rather TOO enthusiastically !
  4. I sang in the church choir, and still do when given any opportunity.
  5. Cub Scouts (as it now is) was still called Wolf Cubs when i joined at age 8.
  6. In my mid-teens i learnt to touch-type on a manual typewriter, which became even more useful when computers were invented.
  7. I love driving, even as a boy just playing and for real as soon as i turned age 18.
  8. For 41 years i drove ambulances on first aid duties as a member of the St John Ambulance.
  9. I earned my BA degree by studying in my spare time with The Open University.
  10. I am single.  I have no partner, no children, no pets, and no lodgers.

Well, I've been accused of

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Well, I've been accused of many things in the past but never of being a lady at the Seige of Mafeking! Nor have I ever been to a Scoit Jamboree, in Chatsworth or anywhere else. Are you sure you've got your data right?

tonyalfara:  i've come to

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tonyalfara:  i've come to this thread rather late, but, back in May 2019, you said in a Scout Jamboree at Chatsworth you played a lady at the Seige of Mafeking.  Was that the "Ramboree" in 1965 ?  I was there as a 14-year-old, camping with my Scout troop from West Ham in the east end of London.

Newbie here but in at the

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Newbie here but in at the deep end.

  1. proud Englishman and Staffordian
  2. nature based Pagan, hence naturist
  3. now retired but used to restore classic minis as a business 
  4. fractured my spine in a flying accident 
  5. fractured my arm in a climbing accident 
  6. accident prone
  7. hate ignorant people 
  8. love the great outdoors 
  9. miss meeting people (thanks COVID)
  10. i have Epilepsy 

i think that is about it.

That's very brave, but I fear

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That's very brave, but I fear could cause trouble and potentially damage views of nudism. I enjoy local countryside walks in the nude too, some that end up at the beach, but usually wear footwear over rougher ground and always have something skimpy wrapped around my wrist to cover up with should the need arise.


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