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A great thread and some wonderful facts about everyone. Here's my list, picking up on some of the things others have said about themselves.

1) I once worked with Penny King, wife of Clive King who wrote Stig of the dump.
2) I play the saxophone and performed at the opening of the Norwich and Norfolk Festival in 2011.
3) I haven't seen a single Star Wars film.
4) I'm a geologist.
5) I've built a telescope.
6) My favourite file is Amelie.
7) I'm learning flint knapping and how to make and work with lime mortar.
8) I won the largest jar of sweets you could imagine when as a kid you had to guess how many sweets in the jar. I was a geek and worked out the volume of the jar and volume of sweets, guessed how tightly packed they were and was just one sweet out!
9) I've appeared on television.
10) 2019 is the year I will go on my first naturist holiday.


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