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To be fair, been a while

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To be fair, been a while since i was first one. Mainly the discovery of the body of a murdered teenage prom queen, Laura Palmer and Dale Cooper coming into scene and investigated. Its a weired tv show. I tend to read more than watch tv.  

Temptation, Yes. But i think

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Temptation, Yes. But i think those types of client it would be a good scene and unprofessional on many counts. If i could find a target audience that serves naturist or sites that are targetted to 18+ then i could say that im a naturist freelancer. Its something to research later. I always keep clothing handy next to me, as and when i need to wear for moments when on a call. Although often at moment, i do put on a shawl cardigan only to just keep little warm.

Nice to meet you, Sunseeker.

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Nice to meet you, Sunseeker.   Thanks for the contribution.  When you are meeting up with your clients, are you ever tempted to mention that you are a naturist? One of the problems we always have is that we never know if a new acquaintance is a naturist as well.

Hello allIts a pleasure to be

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Hello allIts a pleasure to be among like-minded people and i look forward to know you all. I think its key to share stories and thoughts especially while we all facing hard time with Covid. Im sure like all of you we are having to be naturist within our own space at home. Its nice to share some facts about me, here we go..... 1. 1st: Im a Northerner, living in the South (I try not to get into any North/South debates, lol)2. I used to work in Wealth and Investment Management3. I have degree in BSc Economics4. I'm a writer and copywriter from home. My clientele are wealth firms, law and Investment management, although soon going to do some web development and design. 5. I would like to do either a law or arts degree soon from home or part time.6. Im a huge yachts fan. My goal is to eventually buy a boat with one or two bedrooms, nothing massive. Id like to sail to devon and anchor in many bays. I am also a Someset, Cornwall and Kent fan too.(Thats half of the South ive named :))7. Im a big topgun fan8. I try to workout in lockdown - ;)9. I drink socially. I tend to drink whisky10. I like nude beaches. I do often work naked(not on client calls, that wouldnt be good, unless ;)...(devil face)) I have attached a photo that i took from my bathroom. Only place i cant scare neighbours. Next time, ill take one in snow.....If it comes back.  

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