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I once,a few years back,came

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I once,a few years back,came onto a french naurist series,"Nu".The story line was basically around what would be the middle 2025 era,where clothing was not allowed to be worn,and that nudity was compulsary due to hidden weapons,and where a ploice officer wakes after being in a coma for a couple of years,fully naked in the hospital,and how he struggles to adapt to a nude society,and of course there has to be an evil activist that is a clothing activist.All the characters are nude with taste...males and females.When I tried to access the series again,it was suddenly encrypted...perhaps you can google it and find it again.Its almost like"In the line of duty" but all done nude.

And thanks for the attached

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And thanks for the attached photo. It's always nice to get a clear look at someone instead of a microscopic thumbnail image.  Was the photo taken in South Africa? Its always more pleasant to be a naturist in a warmer climate. Are you a member of any naturist groups around the area? And how come you haven't told us the names of any of your cats yet?

I am South AfricanI am a

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I am South African.I am a barefooter...I am a Pastor/reverend.(Doctor in Theology)Love cats.Hate clothes.Am married.Love reading and studying.Love nature.Push the limits.Am always trying to improve myself.Am also a critical care (ICU) nurse - 40 years.

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Lucky for me,I am an ardent

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Lucky for me,I am an ardent barefooter and i am barefoot 95% of the time,and whenever I go hiking,I am barefoot.Perhaps a hat...but none else.So my feet are tough!Hence,being barefoot is no problem for me.I go barefoot to the mall,movies,church,shops and everywhere,everytime.I just feel more nude when barefoot.

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I used to work night duty,and

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I used to work night duty,and when I came off duty,I would get naked in the car.That ment I had to travel in peak morning traffic through the city centre,passed by busses that could see into my vechile as well as taxis...its rather liberating and seeing the expressions were amusing.

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I've driven nude a couple of

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I've driven nude a couple of times in the UK and also, recently, here in Crete where I visited a nudist beach and, instead of getting dressed, walked nude to my car and drove nude to another nudist beach - wonderful - did this several times over a number of days


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