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Thanks for posting about Tom

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Thanks for posting about Tom Poulton Brendarella and giving a link to his some of his drawings. I think they are great for a number of reasons, one being that it they show ordinairy "respectable" people showing of a different side to themselves in a highly erotic manner, which makes the whole theme fun. The drawings are also just so well done as well. I am also a fan of Tom of Finland's like happy guy, with Tom's unique take on thrusting masculinity. I would also like to say I do enjoy your input into this site, your posts and ideas are always thoughtful, interesting and create some good debate.

Take care


I think breasts have always

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I think breasts have always been coveted in society as a sign of finding a mate and a sign of fertility. Breasts have been on show since man learnt to draw and paint.

I love looking and boobs are quite possibly the best thing in the world. To men because we love them. To women, a part of being female. That’s why breast cancer can be so traumatic. Losing a part of their femininity.

As regards covering up when

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As regards covering up when encountering others, I work on the principle that if I get enough warning of someone ahead and I have time to slip the shorts on before I'm seen then I do - saves any chance of confrontation or misunderstandings.But once I'm seen I just carry on regardless, as trying to get my shorts on just looks silly. And as Gadget says, it hasn't been a problem meeting others while out walking - a smile, sometimes a bit of a frown, a hello, and then they're past. I must confess the first few times I didn't cover up it was a bit nerve-wracking, but when nothing bad happened I got to realise it's not a problem.

just give 'not putting shorts

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just give 'not putting shorts on' a go

I say that I personally have only not put shorts on twice when I have had a naked ramble, but I didn't get any negative confrontational, they just seemed to go the other way once they saw me

Well, the weather held and I

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Well, the weather held and I went up to Druridge. The area used by naturists is about a 10 minute walk up a surfaced bridlepath from the far end of the National Trust car park, or up the beach if you prefer.

The beach is very wide, very long and sandy, backed by dunes. There are no facilities of any kind.

On the day I visited (mid week) there were no naturists on the beach itself but 10-15 in the dunes. Most seemed to be single guys, with a few apparently looking for company (I wasn’t pestered).

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I am wondering if Goths still exist.
I remember squizzing them a couple of decades ago.
Much like Punk and Grunge which seem to have subsided as music genres.
I could also understand multiple navels if being the target in a knife throwing performance.
Star Wars, yes I got to squiz that at the drive-in cinema.
It still exists here, but with ten foot tall weeds.
I guess that Blockbusters etc put the kybosh on drive-in cinemas.
Now Blockbusters are kaputt due to the www.
Guzzling vino every mile during a marathon, crikey, the finish line would be very blurry.
Hopefully no round-a-bouts in the course or you could end up on the Champs Elysees instead.
Japanese trains, yeh the white gloves amuse me.
And all the saluting.

Thanks Brendarella, it was

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Thanks Brendarella, it was during his Worzel Gummidge era and at a Gala in the North of England... he was very kind unlike Lynn Perry who I also met on the same occasion. A maximum of 4 items only I'm afraid but my best prop is a Devilstick so I only really juggle 1 item... my best tricks are asking someone in the audience to nominate an item to replace the Devilstick and/or including a striptease. Yes we are. Nope... the real thing.

Eggs, fascinating insight...

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Eggs, fascinating insight... when did you meet Mr. Pertwee?
3. During his Navy Lark era is his Doctor Who era?
4. How many objects can you juggle at once?
6. Are we talking AstroBoy, here?
8. Game of Thrones?

Thank you for an excellent

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Thank you for an excellent opportunity to introduce myself Brendarella,

1. I was once hospitalised by a swarm of bees.
2. I've been a practicing Zen Buddhist since 1993.
3. I once met Jon Pertwee.
4. I can juggle.
5. My favourite YouTube videos are ones of Japanese trains.
6. I collect comics by Osamu Tezuka.
7. I'm not allowed to go scuba diving.
8. I know where to see a real dragon.
9. I keep any caterpillars I find on the ground so I can watch them pupate and eventually hatch.
10. I want to learn about Astronomy.


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