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Well who knew I was such a

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Well who knew I was such a good photographer Stu.....haha

I can also confirm Stu is good at falling off stools, he did it a couple of times when we met at Euronat - blame the sangria...….never lost his wallet though :)

Strelock - until you pointed it out, never would have seen "Moles" let alone nipples - fascinating diploma course , I believe in after life/ghosts etc

Dan - Don't give up the cheese - lol

Billy - Id say an allergic reaction to dried fruit is a good thing - juts means you get a greater helping of chocolate yule logs at Christmas

"I've got a bit of a

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"I've got a bit of a reputation for losing my wallet [as well as my clothes] Also falling off bar stools."
Would that be all at the same time, by any chance? Because that would make sense.

1. I've always been a tree

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1. I've always been a tree lover [since a babe in the pram]
2. My favourite colour is turquoise
3. The best photo of me was taken by Jon & Greg when I met them in Euronat [great place] - despite being clothed
4. I can see the great scheme underneath [others just see the clutter]. Either that or I'm just a very untidy person
5. I have at least a dozen DIY projects on the go at any time
6. I'm not an 'ist' of any sort. I'm just me
7. I've got a bit of a reputation for losing my wallet [as well as my clothes] Also falling off bar stools
8. My reputation has some basis in fact
9. I'm going onto a 4 day working week [by choice]
10. on my last nakation I did an impression of a Sam Peckinpah movie

Ok ten facts about Myself

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Ok ten facts about Myself
1. By nature I am quite a shy person
2. Saw a ghost of a Victorian man in broad daylight when I was 12
3. My weakness is either vanilla slices of flapjacks
4. I was involved in saving the life of a child on a mountain in Ireland Twenty years ago.
5. I am allergic to any dried fruit, so I have a great time at Christmas!!
6. I enjoy listening to 1970s music on vinyl
7. My favourite sport is Tenpin Bowling
8. I enjoy reading biographies of music artists
9. I had speech therapy for 8 years now I support students who have a variety of educational learning needs
10. Single and hoping to settle down with a woman one day!

Ah, that makes sense :) I

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Ah, that makes sense :) I used to have a big interest in the supernatural when I was younger, and really into witchcraft and the like. I still find it really interesting even though I no longer believe in it. That was a term I've never heard before. Actually my comic is very much based on supernatural stuff Brendarella, will defo PM you about it :)

Lego is awesome, I have some Batman and Harry Potter bits but damn that stuff is expensive!

Hi batdan, Parapsychology is

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Hi batdan, Parapsychology is the study of ghosts and all things supernatural.

Hi brendarella, yes I have a lego display cabinet :) if you look carefully at my profile picture, you will see a mole looking thing a few inches directly below my left nipple and another one further down directly below my right nipple, they look like moles in the picture but they are actually nipples :D

Strelok, whistling is

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Strelok, whistling is overrated anyway :) I've never heard of parapsychology before.

This is a great idea for a thread, its really nice to learn more about people on here!

Here's 10 from me;

1) I've recently become vegetarian with a view to becoming vegan eventually, but I think that'll be hard because cheese
2) I have a degree in contemporary dance and a PGCE in Further Education
3) I worked as a teacher/lecturer for 11 years before changing careers. I now draw cartoons, which is a ridiculously fun way to earn a living and still can't believe I get paid to do it
4) I started dancing aged 18 when I did GCSE Dance at college where I fell in love with it.
5) I have a Jack Russell who is my best mate in the world and comes to work with me every day, which is lovely
6) I once met Jimmy Saville and remember saying that there was something strange about him.... he was very creepy!
7) I have been married 4 years but we have been together nearly 17 years after meeting each other on the 3rd day of being at university
8) I love food but also have some strange food phobias, the biggest one being baked beans (that was hard to even type, they freak me out so much!).
9) I used to be a life model for the art department at university so that I could earn beer money :)
10) I'm a massive comic book fan (I was a geek way before it was cool!) and have a particular obsession with Batman, hence my username. I'm working on my own graphic novel at the moment.

Hope everyone is doing well :)


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