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well here goes:

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well here goes:
Am a landscape gardener by trade
now work in construction
love art and photography
love hi fi and music
interested i wicca /paganism
love a massage
love social nudity
love books
love nature
hope to see Brendellas fantastic artwork in an exhibition one day

I have lived in...1. Baptist

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I have lived in...1. Baptist manse high on a hill 2. Small council house in very small village in Wales. 3. A ships cabin below the sea 4. A flat with A Singapore guy and another from Turkey 5. A house with a guy from Venezuela and one from Iran 6. A four bedroom house on my own at no 206. 7. In one room next door at 204. 8. In house with young family and their gorgeous twin baby girls 9. In far too many other places to name. 20. Next one will be in Uganda... Drew


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