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Ten commandments

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Of course you’re entitled to be the only person in a beautiful landscape who is naked. I’m just saying that in order for it to get my 10 points score you better make sure there is a few people behind you giving you a round of applause... or ignoring you!


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'And all you men will need to grow yourselves a thick, bushy mustache and a beard.'

Triple tick to the above here, and a lovely pubic bush to boot!

I think you have posted a really fun and interesting article, Brendarella, and I concur with many of your points - when I get the opportunity to be naturally naked I do, and I wonder, taking your point about 'public' nudity a tad further, would you then class naturist enclaves and resorts as 'ghettos' for naturists?!

Obviously, they are still needed because they are safe and welcome spaces for like-minded folk to hang out with each other...but I think there's still quite a bit to go before British society fully accepts non-threatening, healthy public nudity. And, last point, there is something quite exhilarating about being the only person in a beautiful landscape naked or not....and I'm afraid that does require the self-timer!!

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading your naked photo commandments!
Yours in naked comradeship...

I am not BN and don't know

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I am not BN and don't know anyone who is so I wish it well but don't think I will be lucky enough to go, I offer congratulations for the re-instating the swim and wish Bedford family swim all the success for the future

is there somewhere to get dates and other details about it?

Durrudge bay is good and

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Durrudge bay is good and easy parking once you find the place. ,not far ti walk to the naturist to the section..Ive chatted to people who say Ross Sands is better[further up the coast] although iv not been myself[longer walk i believe]


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