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Thanks Hugh. Michael Miles

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Thanks Hugh. Michael Miles was the presenter of "Take Your Pick" in the 60's. Monty Python used his name in the Spot the Brain Cell Sketch.
Now which British Football League club played at Annfield and was once managed by Bob Shankley ?

I've no idea who Michael

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I've no idea who Michael Miles is, but yes, it's Python alright (from the "Spot The Brain Cell" sketch, with contestant Mrs. Scum). However, the answer to the question posed is, indeed, Henri Bergson, who I've never heard of. Silver medal to dgbear, then, but Smoothbody2 - you get to set the next question.

It is bizarre. Monty Python

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It is bizarre. Monty Python I believe is correct - sketch with Michael Miles. The author Henri Bergsom was supported by both the right and the left in France as his Ideas were so incomprehensible.. But give it to dgbear if his wild guess is right.

This one's a little tongue-in

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This one's a little tongue-in-cheek:

Which great opponent of Cartesian dualism resists the reduction of psychological phenomena to a physical state and insists there is no point of contact between the extended and the unextended?

And (as a clue) for bonus points, in which game show was this question originally asked?

Auld Lang Syne

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And there's a hand my trusty freend,
And gie's a hand o' thine etc.
From Rrrrrrrrrrabbie Burrrrrns

[I am NOT mocking him - he himsel' may hae soonded as yon]

its also got a reputation

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its also got a reputation these days I think as a cruising spot
theres only small clear spots so not good for a group meeting
I tend to go to the rock shelf north of Clevedon these days - again that's not a spot for more than a small number of people though [& very unofficial of course]


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