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Hmm this is quite hard but

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Hmm this is quite hard but here goes

1. I was once used in a knife throwing act on stage

2. I have 4 nipples

3. I have a diploma in parapsychology

4. I used to be a goth

5. I once trained to be a dog trainer

6. I have an unhealthy obsession with horror movies

7. I was brought up in a very clothing optional household

8. I collect lego!

9. I left home at 15 years old

10. I can't whistle

I think she's changed a bit

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I think she's changed a bit now Albert, haven't we all over the past 40 odd years?

Mind you I find this with bands from that era - many are just too old to cut the mustard and don't look right with their arthritic hip movements, best remembered as they were so I given up seeing them on their umpteenth farewell tours.

The Runaway was more of a soft-porn type of movie while I like to believe (moralistically) that her part in VP was integral to the story...then again, that was the most worn part of my VHS tape of the movie !

yep chuckd - and not to

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yep chuckd - and not to forget Gilda Texter...the girl on the motorbike! She made a big impact on me as a teenage lad lol.

Actually, while her's is a great scene there is a lot more to the film, as you say like the music, the atmosphere, the acting, the desert etc etc

Yes all the actors in the

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Yes all the actors in the scene were naked......when we did rehearsals, the director cleared the room so only the relevant stage hands were around and made them all strip off so we would feel more comfortable.....How, well with the right stage props just needed to recreate the look of a lake......probably need to watch the film to know the scene I am talking about.

Adrian - great cause to have raised money for you and what a trek to do to raise funds......Many Happy Returns for your 60th later this month :)

Ah Vanishing Point, a great

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Ah Vanishing Point, a great movie. I finally bought a DVD of it last week having decided to retire my VHS video copy. Barry Newman was great! And the music brilliant.

This is a reply to vanfans who mentioned the film in his list above.

In answer to your questions

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In answer to your questions Barbarella,
The dogs name is Milo after initially being called Stig as in ‘Stig of the Dump’ if you remember back then! Everyone said I was cruel to call him that do hence the name change!
Best book of 2019 so far by a Country mile has got to be ‘All the light we cannot see’ by Anthony Dooer, set around the Second World War in Malo and the story of a young blind French girl and a German ‘boy’ from the Hitler youth now a soldier and how their lives interact. It’s on my list as a read again sometime!


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