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I am also hoping for a new

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I am also hoping for a new chat room very soon because I can no longer use the existing ones.  I never had a problem until recently - now within seconds of entering either room, the video on my PC goes wild, I can hear sounds that suggest I'm still connected to the room, but cannot see anything, and other windows are messed up too.  I'm (still) using Windows 7, and Firefox browser.

Migrating the site & chat

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Migrating the site & chat rooms to HTML5 looks to be an optimal solution; providing there is the will and skill to do so from both; a) the developer of the website solution upon which ITB rests, and b) the ITB website team are supported to make the transition.Good luck


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May 2021 make all your dreams come trueSun, Nature, FriendshipAll the best to youMartine and Pierre

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