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<p>I was there yesterday, and

<p>I was there yesterday, and the beach was deserted then too, see the new sign is now up, and a new one at end of the shingle has appeared to further guide to the naturist area.</p>


looking very chilled there..nice pic

wish we were going as well,

wish we were going as well, but will be depend how quick we can get our chores done this morning. If not then off to the naturist foundation for us

Yeah, I'm gutted, actually.

Yeah, I'm gutted, actually. It was only when I was checking bus times that I realised that there aren't any on Sunday afternoons so I wouldn't have a hope of getting home again :(

That's a shame Blue but we

That's a shame Blue but we will be there come rain or shine, and the M25, so anyone who may see us there, do say hallo. Xx

Hmm, turns out I won't be

Hmm, turns out I won't be after all. The wife will be away with the car, and public transport there on a Sunday is pretty much non-existent. Damn.


I am reminded of the plage naturiste at Cap d'Agde in France.
As those who have visited the region will know, the beach continues north from the resort area.
Just a sign proclaims Nude one side and textile the other side.
Hence either are visible to each other around that sign area.
I have been at Kambah Pool when boy scouts have tromped through doing orienteering.
And the day that the coppers appeared in a swarm did cause some hectic activity of grabbing towels or clobber.
I guess that courtesy can still be exhibited by those not wishing to offend even though they are in the correct designation.
Remaining in the water all day until a family decide to depart could be extending courtesy to the extreme.

Is a Reliant Regal anything

Is a Reliant Regal anything like a Gogomobile ?
And, I guess that you would pass starboard wine to the right ?
I often squiz the guide dogs in training here at the mall.
Got an L plate on them and bunch of handlers.
Real cute hound dogs, but you ain't permitted to pat them.
Reminds me of when I was trekking around frozen Switzerland.
Didn't get to squiz the Matterhorn due to frozen fog.
But, on the train ride back down from Gornergrat a pair of St Bernard rescue dogs jumped aboard with their handlers.
Talk about gorgeous hound dogs.
But, the things would probably eat the side of a lamb each day.
No brandy in the barrels hanging around their necks though, so spruiked the handlers when I asked.