Roll on summer

Well the suns shining, I'm stood naked looking out on my garden wishing it was warm enough to venture outside. The sun on my body through the window gives a sense of euphoria and well being, and the urge to run naked through the snowdrops and crocus that bedeck my garden this early spring morning is almost overwhelming. However the risk of frostbite on my most delicate areas brings me to my senses and I resist the temptation. Roll on summer and lets get out there as nature intended. :-)

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NudeFest is back for 2008. 19th-22nd June.

If anyone is travelling to this BN Event and fancy breaking their journey up on the way down or on the way back, then why not book in a stay with us.

We shall be going again ourselves. Hope to see you there - if anyone spots us come & say 'hello' - we don't bite!!!!! Only nibble!!! ha ha!

rick & ally


Hi this is for all you naturist lovers out there! We run our own naturist guest house in an area called 'The English Riviera' in Devon. We have recently started doing monthly 'Weekend Bashes'. We would love to see more people coming along to these and to meet new people. Its a great atmosphere and we have met some really nice people.
So if interested, check out our web site - And we look forward to seeing you join us.

Hello to everybody

I am a very new naturist and would like to say hello to everybody here.

I am wanting to meet with other naturists preferably a couple who can help me with my confidence to be nude, at the moment I am nude around the house whenever I can be but am struggling with confidence to be nude in front of other people, can anybody help me?


One of the best things I did was to find this site, when I first came on to here someone very kindly sent me a welcome note, and it did make me feel welcome, so now I send a welcome note to all those I see who are new to here.

Alton Towers 2007

Wow! What a magical and fun filled weekend at Alton Towers. That’s fun spelt with a capital B and a capital N. Andrew and his team totally exceeded my expectations and I’m now completely hooked on the whole idea of practising naturism at well known attractions such as Alton Towers. I am already working on the weekend passes for 2008. I thought that the accommodation at Splash Landings was very clean, comfortable and well presented. The customer service at the front desk, bars, restaurants and poolside was superb. I especially appreciate those lifeguards who braved the elements outside to help ensure our safety. Also let’s not forget the security staff who very pleasant and did a superb job. In my opinion all the staff involved deserve employee of the month recognition for November. They are a credit to the hotel and leisure industry in this country, and I shall definitely return in future at other times of the year, not just for BN events. Despite being very busy Jo, the duty manager always seemed to find the time to stop and chat to the guests.

geting better

getting better slowly. Seems to be taking a long time though. My 2 year old delights in telling everyone that her mum has no hair :). Looking at a beautiful place in france for next years holiday ... can't wait for next year to forget about this one.

Im Away

Just to let all you fellow buffers know I am away fro the next 2 weeks on my Annual TA Camp and will be in Germany, so its highly unlikely you will see me about unless I can access the net whilst over there see you all soon John

Re - Lake District Holiday

I went up to the Lake District a week at the beginning of October. This isn't the ideal time for naturist activities, but I was mainly going for the walking. However I was of course open to any reasonable chance to get naked. The holiday really started on the preceding Friday, when the prospect of good weather encouraged me to add a days flexi leave to the holiday and go down to the beach at Eastney near Portsmouth. The weather was mainly sunny with a little cloud building up at times. There were quite a few nudists out there in contrast to the adjacent textile beach which was much quieter. The sea was still pleasantly warm and I went in a couple of times. I really enjoyed what was almost certainly my last visit there this year. It was a good finish to the season. I travelled up to the Lakes on the Saturday, and in the evening I drove down to Poulton Le Fylde, for the naturist swim there, which is organised by the Blackpool and Fylde club. I'd "booked in" for it during the preceding week by phone. It was over an hours run from where I was staying but well worth the journey. The swim, sauna, and the meal at an Italian restaurant afterwards were very enjoyable.

Alton Naturist Sports Evening

When did you last do something for the first time? Well, my first time naked at a sports centre last Saturday (13th October) proved to be a hugely enjoyable experience. Chris and Sandra from Southampton Naturist Group gave a very warm welcome to around 60 to 80 guests (my estimate) at the naturist sports evening held at the excellent Alton Sports Centre complex in Hampshire. They offered a comprehensive range of activities including squash, badminton, volleyball, miniten and swimming. There was also a trampoline although I didn’t see anyone try it out. The wet side area also had a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, and the café was open serving light meals and refreshments.

day 1

Aother day dawns here in manchester,bit chilly but not to bad.Have to stick to being nude indoors now,going to try and meet some nudists in area and start having some naked social meetings.well time for work.

Art on the Other Side of the Common

Given the recent tragedies in the news, the heavy media interest focusing onthe bad and uglier side of life in the cities, it is at these timesthat we need to remember how fortunate we are to live in a greatvillage with relatively little crime.

The media coverage of recent events and the "hoodie" phenomenadoesn't help the youth's of today in their quest to make their way inthe world.


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