I have availability at my naturist apartment that ties in with this year's World Record Skinny Dip attempt taking place at Vera Playa on Sunday 20th June 2014... it's just a moments stroll from the nude beach where it's all happening.

Please message me for details, see my facebook page  or check out a clip of last year's attempt on the links section of my website


Home alone

With this lousy weather, no chance to get out and about, however, I am on a ten day break from work and don't feel the need to get dressed while around the house. So home nudity it is for the time being.


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I do like to be beside the seaside

Hello chaps, (and ladies!)

I'm new to this site (hello!) and I'm thinking of heading up to Blackpool for the BN weekend in February.  I'd love to know if any of you are going and what your thoughts/experiences about the weekend might be.

At the moment I'm not sure whether to share a room or not (it can be heaven or hell with a stranger as we all know) so again any pointers/offers gratefully accepted.

Anyway, do say hi and I look forward to chatting with and meeting some of you over the coming months!




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Another remarkably good day

Just goes to show you get out what you put in.

I have been a member here for a few years naw (still can't type) now and I have not enjoyed the banter and fun as much as the last few days, mainly I think because I actually started typing in responses to things instead of just composing the response in my head and not actioning it out of idleness or fear. 

Got to love you lot, diverse, extreme, conservative, new, seasoned, well oiled (oh no thats me sorry!), chilled and others yet to be classified.



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Oh what a day...

Started with the six word puzzle quiz thingy ...actually got hooked on that !

Went on to the videochatroom, met some nice people ... and some strange ones (you know who you are)  But hey, live and let live !

Got over heated with the Stephen Gough ASBO malarky... Gona get some stick for that but don't care. If only I was half as brave/stupid (depends on your POV) !

Then found some real down to earth people just round the corner from me who are nature/nudist (sorry dont want to classify you), which after the SG affair above really lifted my spirits.


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naked in north wales/chester

I'm a single male naturist from north wales about 20 mins from chester and i'm looking for other naturists to chat with and hopefuly visit/meet up with all ages both sexes and singles or couples welcome,i'm a very friendly and very easy going man and i'm looking forward to meeting some nice naturist friends.


B&B Holiday let, tent or campervan

We are open all year round and happy to take single occupancy. We have a Highland home which is more home than stereo typical Guest house. We don't provide a room and you stay in there only till breakfast.
The large spacious house is open so if you ever feel like staying in the Highlands. It means you can book a room. Stay in the comfort of the entire home and sit in the upstairs lounge (all bedrooms downstairs). We get the view upstairs in-fact one of the pictures on our gallery is from our upstairs window.



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