Airport Security...

In the course of a single trip to South America recently I was body searched, that is: pulled aside, waited for an operative and 'patted down' and foot swabbed 5 times on the outward and 5 times on the return journey. I suppose a bald, fat, one legged Irishman must be high on the list of high risk security profiles.....

How much time and trouble and expensive body scanners would it save on body searches if we all stripped off when we entered an airport before going through security and on to our flight? ...of course they'd have to keep the terminals warmer...!



Don't want to get political - we all have our own opinions - just wanted to say my thoughts are with all our veterans, our fallen and their families and those still serving their country on this day.

Winter sunshine

I am thinking of going away somewhere warm for a few weeks in December. Thinking of Canaries or similar, must be OK for nudity, also, as a bisexual single guy, it wud be great to go somewhere where there are open minded fun loving guys or girls.
Looking for ideas, maybe to stay with someone as a paying guest? I would appreciate any ideas..... Jeff

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How on earth do you start a blog? Do you just type random text and pray for it to make sense or do you talk about something deep and meaningful?

Doubt there is a right answer to that question but i'm gonna give it a shot anywho....

It's 17 minutes past midnight and i'm cooking sausages. 16 to be precise. Partly due to my alcohol intake over the last 30 minutes of line cleaning (gotta love having a bar!) and partly due to my 'non-naturist' at the time partner wanting a snack of sorts!

Don't quite know where i'm going with this so excuse the randomness....

Its cull time again

All note it does not seem to sink in, if we dont chat then you will eventually come off our list. I chat to people not on our friends list more than those who are so if we haven't chatted in last few weeks your name will be coming off.

In addition those of you who have requested us to add you this will go to deny, as we said until we chat or get to know you we wont put you there, as no effort has been made this is only option.

Chris & Kerry

God help me; I'm going to do it!

I am taking part in the NUDE PRIDE SkyOne television documentary. But I have a dilemma. I have been asked to speak.

The reason is my asexual birthright. Born with no genitalia, I was rescued by naturism from a lifetime of hiding myself away. The crew want me to say something about naturism as an all-accepting community. I want to do it! More than anything! Even just as a thank you to you all for the past 3 years.

But the fact is that mainstream society is not so forgiving of body variations, people they see as freaks.

The problem? I brought up my 2 nephews with my sister. They have grown up to leaving school never knowing their uncle is a sexual neuter. What if their friends see the show? What if peers NOT their friends see it? What trauma will my boys go thru? What of the lowlifes on our estate who believe we are husband, wife and 2 kids? What if they recognise me? My family has to live there. What if my professional work circle see it? Natural male dominion would ensure my social status nosedived.

Naturism - nature or nurture?

Is wanting to be naked all the time a genetic disposition or a cultural phenomenon?

I have just watched the first 'Twins' programme on BBC1 and they didn't ask this question. I don't know why they just didn't. It seems that many behaviours and personality traits are strongly influenced by genetics not just physical attributes or probabilities of developing diseases.


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