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Video Chatting

It has just struck me that without thinking about it, I have positioned my web cam to give head and shoulder shots. Have others done the same thing or as Naturists have you gone for the full body shot? Strange what goes through your mind on a wet Monday. I would welcome comments from everyone, weather you have a cam or not, male, female or couple. Lets find out what the site thinks.

What You See.>> Is What You Get !

The thorny topic of outdoor nakedness has recently raised it's head in the press again, an elderley man has been prosecuted for 'Behaviour Likely To Cause Alarm & Distress' after he was seen doing various d.i.y. tasks around the outside of his home totally naked. I have myself ventured out into my back gardens naked, both to sunbathe & to do gardening tasks. (not in last year due to ill health). My nearest neighbours were aware that I ventured naked outside & they joined the fun of the situation rather than complain. I first saw then 'peeping' from upstairs windows at me, then on other occassions I saw them peering through dense privet hedging, later I heard ribald laughter & jokes about streakers, then after all of this had been played out to it's length without bad feeling or comments the situation was 'accepted'.

First time

Always being one to dive in at the deep end,my first attempt into naturism was a holiday in Cap D'age. I to save money and to meet my fellow holiday makers I went by coach, in itself quite an experience. As we passed through the gates one chap lept up and took all his clothes off on the bus, this was a bit of a surprise. We were ushered in and made very welcome, then shown to our apartments. Stripping off I returned to the pool for our drink and talk. The whole thing was great and I was a confirmed naturist from that point on. Swimming naked was glorious.

The very first time

Hi i am new to this but like many wanted to get into it! So i took the plunge the other day and went to Acorns North Devon, Very nervous as you would expect. And to any one thinking of doing it just go im sure like me you will get a warm welcome and feel liberated and can hardly wait to go back!

Trip to Flat Holm

Well what a day. We had beautiful weather a great bunch of people and more seagulls than you could imagine. The journey to the island is magical.It starts with a trip through the Cardiff barrage locks, Then out to sea. The island does not seem to get any nearer or bigger for ages then before you know it you have arrived with a bump. After a safety talk by the warden it was time to strip and go exploring. The lighthouse is the main feature you see on the island but it is littered with gun emplacements and ammo stores and seagulls. After a while it was time for Andy's tour of the island.

Engine trouble

Just had a lovely time at Morfa Dyfrryn, bit cloudy but nice and warm. Sitting on the beach we couldn't help but notice how many jetskies and small motor boats appear to get engine failure ! Is it the tide ? undercurrents ? flotsom or jetsom ? No. The poor buggers pretend they have a problem with their engines when everyone knows they've come for a little peep at the people with no clothes on. Now folks the binoculars and cameras are a bit of a giveaway so if like us you find it funny, why not give them a friendly wave and guess what happens ? Yes their engines work again !

Mad few months.

Its' been a truly mad few months. Some of you may have noticed that I have been missing from the site for a few weeks - some of you may be pleased about this. On 3rd December I was fired from my job as a coach driver here at Heathrow. Having disputed the suitability of a coach allocated, I was dismissed, much to the horror of the other drivers and union rep. Never having been late or refused a duty before and only having had 3 days off sick in 4 years - it seemed harsh. I could have appealed, but to be honest if they thought so little of me, then I didnt want to work for them. Having signed on at the jobcentre - oh joy - and given my 15.60 a week to liveon - I applied for loads of jobs and was even offered a couple of jobs. When they found out I was going to Australia for the whole of January, they asked me to contact them on return. Oh well. On 16th December, I went down with flu. It was later diagnosed as swine flu. I stayed in bed right through to Christmas day, when I got up for 4 hours. Then returned to bed and began fretting wether I would be able to travel on 2nd January or not.

Nudefest 2010

Amazing ! Bohemian ! Awesome ! Just a few words to discribe my time at Nudefest. Well every one Ive just come back from Nudefest and thought Id tell you all about it.This was my first time being in a large naturist event and cant belive how much I enjoyed it. The weather was fantastic all the time, it could not have been better ! There were many activities all day long from Ti-Chi, Yoga, singing around a piano, with the vollyball tornament being very competative dispite all of us being amatures at the sport. I tried yoga for the first time and found it fun, dispite me not being able to do some of the moves due to several operations on my groin. Mi-tunes in the main field by the main BN tent was very popular, with people playing their favourite music from their ipods throughout NF. I was pleased as they played my favourite music from lord of the rings. Though listening to Canon by Pachelbel whilst having lunch with not a cloud in the sky completly naked and at one with nature made me feel like I was in heaven !


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