Nude 5K speedskating .....or so it seemed

The Naturist Foundation 5K fun run! Annual event reserved for May to get the best of the spring weather. Got off to bad start, discussing future of naturism as social lifestyle philosophy on diet of Westerhams Audit Ale. Retired 3:30 am with no result. Nudist future clearly hamstrung by insomnia. Wake 6:30 resembling blueberry popsicle. Cannot sleep! God anti-nudist, sends us winter weather break especially for spring event. Finally drop off at 9am. Race at 12 noon. Wake at 12:07. Disaster! Hare up to start, deserted. Hare down camping field to clubhouse, cheered on to go after the pack (7 minutes start) as if some kind of bigscreen hero. Sprint like cheetah chasing prey, only to choke after 1km. Need to avoid slipping over in mud; could become human luge. Manage to get round in 30 minutes, 9 minutes outside personal best and beaten 4 minutes by winner in 70+ category. Resolve to avoid future events potentially embarrassing. When is naked darts contest? Worst that can happen to me at darts is puncture from stray arrow; possibly Gordon Brown-type eye-condition !

Something for the Weak End (sic)

Five day week! - Am esconced in metropolitan office in area of London where naked pigeon is shot as infidel. Forget human rights of naturist! Sandwiched by 5-6 hours a day coach-commuting in odour-circus of overdressed hydrophobes. "There's a toilet on this bus, but where's the shower? Ah ....welcome, passengers!!!." Has recession hit soap industry? Cue pictures of Procter&Gamble CEO in lather over washed-up sale figures!

Tawdry life largely spent staring at bald pate of putrefying tourist seated in front or otherwise sweltering multi-wrapped at PC screen.

    Find freedom on the Internet. Windows Vista opens your door on a view of the world.

Ah..... just delivered in second post betwixt welter of local telephone reduction offers from Hyderabad and postage stamp flats in derelict blocks with unlimited planning potential, .....Knightsbridge Property News

Airport Security...

In the course of a single trip to South America recently I was body searched, that is: pulled aside, waited for an operative and 'patted down' and foot swabbed 5 times on the outward and 5 times on the return journey. I suppose a bald, fat, one legged Irishman must be high on the list of high risk security profiles.....

How much time and trouble and expensive body scanners would it save on body searches if we all stripped off when we entered an airport before going through security and on to our flight? ...of course they'd have to keep the terminals warmer...!



Don't want to get political - we all have our own opinions - just wanted to say my thoughts are with all our veterans, our fallen and their families and those still serving their country on this day.

Winter sunshine

I am thinking of going away somewhere warm for a few weeks in December. Thinking of Canaries or similar, must be OK for nudity, also, as a bisexual single guy, it wud be great to go somewhere where there are open minded fun loving guys or girls.
Looking for ideas, maybe to stay with someone as a paying guest? I would appreciate any ideas..... Jeff

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