Thought I would just add a note about me. This is my second time here as a subscibed member, hence the second hand buffer title,if you have seen my album that will explain the words with out pictures, Im hoping to get them back. Myself and partner are both naturist, though she is not into the social scene, but loves being naked on the beach with me, tried a club once, in Norfolk, but wasnt very comfortable with it, hopefully one day she will come round.

The weather!

Well what a week this has been - digging storm drains in the rain! I guess the good thing is that at least I know they work.

Our groundwork contractor has been very slow so I am a little behind where I wanted to be for getting running by end of June - but it will still happen.

The first chalet arrives on Monday 8th June so it will be all hands to the pumps to get it ready for use.

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Well.... we went the week after Easter but the weather was reeeeally cold with a steady NE wind and no sun....:(

We're back home now with the hope of a nice day for WNGD!

You know I am an optimist!

Sunday 15 March 2009 - First warm day to go nude !

Hello one and all

Well finally the weather improved enough for me to take a cycle along to the beach at Portslade (Shoreham Harbour to non-locals) and was pleasantly pleased to unexpectedly see several other naturists finally on the beach enjoying the weather. The sun was warm, the sea calm, and a nice cool breeze against the naked skin - FAB!

New pics!

I have today been busy with the camera again! Taken some new shots in my new ensuite. Its a sub-album off my main one, please take a look and tell me what you think. Taken early morning as the light was fantastic again!

Last of the Summer Moor

Well, after the lousy summer, you have to get out and about when you can. I tool the opportunity toady of having what is probably the last visit this year to Staines Moor. The moor is just a piece of scrubland, 2 rivers and a few bushes between M25, A30 and Heathrow airport. Its not well used and apart from the odd dog walker, I can be free to wander naked to my hearts content. I always keep a small pair of field glasses with me so that I can spy people that enter the moor and approach too close. I either dress or move on.
Today, I cycled to and across the moor. The tracks are well used but suffered from flooding last year. This year the flooding has not been so bad, but some of the tracks are still very boggy. I had to hose down the bike when I got home.

Seven go to Dublin

Seven go to Dublin (Non-naturist)

Well, seven intrepid travellers were all set to make a day trip for a whirl wind tour of Dublin on Saturday 9th August 2008.
Bookings were made online with bmi and all documents printed so that there was no waiting at the airport.
Ian (windsoruk) and Mark were going to the airport by taxi and William (Admin), Philip, Tricia, Brenda and myself were setting off by car, so it was up by 5 am ready for the off for check in at 6 am.
Under grey skies we parked the car and got on the bus to get to the terminal building where we met up with Ian and Mark.
Desperately needing coffee we got ourselves booked in with our pre-printed boarding passes and hunted down a coffee bar.
Our flight left at 7 am and we arrived on time in a grey, drizzly Dublin. It turned out it was going to be a coats on / coats off day.
We picked up our pre-booked Dublin Passes (a pre-paid attractions admission card, so no queuing), City Tour Hop On Hop Off bus passes, Dublin Pass Guides and Aircoach tickets and were off on the coach for the 20 minute journey into Dublin City.
Being a whirl wind tour William had set us an itinerary so we could make the most of our day.

RE - Pembrokeshire Holiday

Looking back at my blog, the last entry referred to a holiday in the Lake District in October 2007. Many months on and I've another holiday to write about.

A few weeks ago in early July we went down to Pembrokeshire and stayed in a cottage a few miles north of St Davids. We have visited the area many times now, but this was the first time at this particular one.

One of the attractions of it for me at least, was the mention in the brochure of a secluded back garden and it did more or less meet the description. There was a patio area adjacent to the cottage. The rest was lawn. With woodland on two sides, and up a short slope to the right was a field of cereals. The only possible visual intrusion was via the side gate. Anyone passing on foot who looked in that direction, could see the bottom half of the lawn. Fortunately it was a quiet lane and very few people passed on foot, and the road itself was pretty quiet traffic wise.

Tuesday, 20th May

20th May was my 55th birthday, and things hadn't gone to plan. One friend let me down for the 3rd time in 3 days, and another new friend wasn't able to meet up with me as planned.

So, I decided to cheer myself up, and went off to the Berkshire Downs for a walk. Having found a suitable place to park the car, it dawned on me that this could be my first opportunity to go walking nude in broad daylight, and after a quick recce, I did just that! I can't believe how exhilerated I felt after my half-hour stroll, and will definitely do it again - and soon!


Yesterday I made my first trial visit to a local club. The weather was gloomy but the people made up for that with their friendly welcome. I would very much like to join a club, especially one that is but a short drive away, because the nearest beaches are some distance away and, judging by the reports, a long way from being nudist friendly. There is plenty of countryside and moorland, but it is surprisingly heavily used by walkers and also a bit too open to feel safe these days.

I had rather hoped my relatives would make the transition from romping on French beaches to visiting a local club. But they are far from keen on the idea. I suppose I could still join and just go during the week when they are at school, but it is a members club and there is a justifiable expectation that one will attend socials and help out with the chores. I have tried selling the idea to them but the answer that comes back is 'but why would we want to?'


A chance email exchange recently with another Buffer stimulated me to reflect on why Tantra has become such an important influence on my attitudes. Tantra appears to have many guises - from mystic religion to wonder cure for impotence. Probably because its philosophy and practice is intensely personal it is very difficult to discover what Tantra is without experiencing it. Behind all the religious symbolism and sensual hype it is possible to find, if you are willing to dig a bit, a lot of practical advice.

In a fit of boredom I decided to experiment with just one simple aspect of it. Just by applying some simple principles I found the outcome was exactly as described. And no need at all for all the religious symbolism and fancy oriental terminology. Kolb's principles of experiential learning work just as well with Tantra as they do with teamwork.

What I have found interesting about Tantra is that its fundamental purpose appears to be the removal of gender from the power balance. Until I bring my own female and male qualities into harmony I cannot expect to create a balanced relationship with anyone else.

Back again

It is almost a year since my last entry, a year of considerable change. I almost gave up my membership here and came close to abandoning nudism altogether. Partly it was my failure, once again, to get my family interested in a naturist holiday; partly because I was in the process of moving up to Lancashire; partly because that meant life was now split between BB7 and SW13; and partly because I was ploughing through the slough of despond.

But I just couldn't bring myself to the point of embracing the textile way. OK. I wear clothes most of the time but the thought of never feeling the freedom of flashing my dangly bits in public - oh, unbearable! It occurred to me that others might have a different opinion, but that only steeled my resolve. But where in Lancashire in winter can you go naked (other than home with the central heating turned up)?

I scanned the web and found that, beautiful as the Ribble valley is, it is not overflowing with places to get your kit off. All I wanted was a nice relaxed spa like Elixir. No luck. Perhaps one exists, but I haven't found it yet. Maybe I should start one?


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