Letter to thos poor discriminated single males

To a certain extent you guys tee me off with your persecution complex. So single males are excluded from admittedly a large number of "family" sun clubs. Just how really hard done by are you? Haven't you guys got any alternatives? Yes you have! Is your entire naturist life destroyed by this discrimination? No!
I am, like you, hit by the single male syndrome but for me, alone, it is terminal. Yet, I am hardly male, biologically neuter, a victim of your rule that shouldn't even apply to me. Now THAT is discrimination.


Just thought I would take the oportunity to comment on the gallery, there are some really lovely pictures, both people and places, and its nice , where you can see it, that everyone has a lovely smile on their faces, I think thats nature for you,, the end ,,

So we people offshore can join

Well seems the Good News is we don't have to wait till we hit ole blighty before becoming paid members. Well in case people read our profile and didn't thing we'd stick it out, sorry to disappoint ya, lol. We are here to stay as we believe our lifestyle is as relevant as anyone elses in here and that the nudist brigade is made up of all different kinds. PLease feel free to message us just because we are who we are there is no need to be scared were not gonna try jump ya or come onto ya, what you take us for ha ha ha...

Giving up smoking

Hi all I have given up smoking a week now, have joined a quit smoking group, doing well so far not had one since last Tuesday 2/6/09.

Thank you all for the comments. Still doing well, and its great to know so many others have done it, my partner is a non smoker, and when I did smoke I always smoked outside, in all weather, how sad is that, ( my choise not his ). Thanks again.


Thought I would just add a note about me. This is my second time here as a subscibed member, hence the second hand buffer title,if you have seen my album that will explain the words with out pictures, Im hoping to get them back. Myself and partner are both naturist, though she is not into the social scene, but loves being naked on the beach with me, tried a club once, in Norfolk, but wasnt very comfortable with it, hopefully one day she will come round.

The weather!

Well what a week this has been - digging storm drains in the rain! I guess the good thing is that at least I know they work.

Our groundwork contractor has been very slow so I am a little behind where I wanted to be for getting running by end of June - but it will still happen.

The first chalet arrives on Monday 8th June so it will be all hands to the pumps to get it ready for use.

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Well.... we went the week after Easter but the weather was reeeeally cold with a steady NE wind and no sun....:(

We're back home now with the hope of a nice day for WNGD!

You know I am an optimist!

Sunday 15 March 2009 - First warm day to go nude !

Hello one and all

Well finally the weather improved enough for me to take a cycle along to the beach at Portslade (Shoreham Harbour to non-locals) and was pleasantly pleased to unexpectedly see several other naturists finally on the beach enjoying the weather. The sun was warm, the sea calm, and a nice cool breeze against the naked skin - FAB!

New pics!

I have today been busy with the camera again! Taken some new shots in my new ensuite. Its a sub-album off my main one, please take a look and tell me what you think. Taken early morning as the light was fantastic again!


Having been a naturist for many years I realise that I have never actually been on a 'naturist holiday'. I know my wife would not accompany me (and may be I wouldn't want her to BiggrinBiggrin :yuck: ) Alternatives ...... Anyone else in the same position and interetsed in an off-peak (i.e. non school holidays) week in the sun in Europe? (If so, please Message me)

Last of the Summer Moor

Well, after the lousy summer, you have to get out and about when you can. I tool the opportunity toady of having what is probably the last visit this year to Staines Moor. The moor is just a piece of scrubland, 2 rivers and a few bushes between M25, A30 and Heathrow airport. Its not well used and apart from the odd dog walker, I can be free to wander naked to my hearts content. I always keep a small pair of field glasses with me so that I can spy people that enter the moor and approach too close. I either dress or move on.
Today, I cycled to and across the moor. The tracks are well used but suffered from flooding last year. This year the flooding has not been so bad, but some of the tracks are still very boggy. I had to hose down the bike when I got home.


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