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To Shave Or Not To Shave?

Hi Peeps, Well what a question eh, to shave or not to shave?. I have been shaving my pubic hair for a very long time now. I was still at school when i started and have never had any hangups about it. I just love to feeling of being smooth. I have even started shaving my upper legs and i sometimes remove my belly hair too. The main downside though is about a day or so after the shave i always seem to get the rash but it only lasts for a day or so. Any tips would be appreciated from anyone reading this by the way!.


Good Way Of Getting Photos To Use

Hi Peeps,

Whenever I get the time to get out in my garden on my own I do like to capture my time for photos. What I do is set my video camera up and video myself as I move around. Once I have footage I download it and go through it frame by frame and pick the shots that look the best. Just a tip there for those of you who might struggle to get meaningful photos of themselves.

Thanks For Reading



My First Nudist Blog

Hi peeps, I am Peter and i am a bi male in the West Midlands. I have been a nudist for 6 years now. I am nude most of my alone time at home and I have a private garden which I try to get out in when i can as you can see from my profile picture. I am looking to make friends with anyone who is into the nudist lifestyle. I would like to exchange experiences and would like to find out more places to go that are local to where I live. I will try to post more on this blog when I can. Peter


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