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Studland beach great day out

I have just got home from a bike ride down to Studland beach, what a great place to start my new venture of being clothes free in public.
This is the first official naturist beach I have visited, I have been too Little Hampton (nice but no access to the water front) and Eastney (but it rained), I also went to Shoreham beach but couldn’t see any singe of nudist there and to be honest the waster looked pretty rank & there was a nasty, dusty industrial estate just yards away.


Walking in the rain

After this past few weeks it was such a pleasure to have some rain today, I was at home catching up with some paperwork and the heavens opened, I was already sitting around clothes free trying to get cool when it started, so I walked out into the garden and soaked up the lovely cool rain, it felt so good running down my body cooling me off with slight splashes of intense pleasure as larger drops fell on me. I laid down on the decking looking up at the darkening sky's and for the first time in weeks I felt cool.


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