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After reading the article today on, it becomes apparent that while some places are slowly becoming more liberal , there are places around the world that are becoming stricter and less liberal. The article talks of a city where people could do as they pleased. Having been to Barcelona in 2009, it certainly seemed that the liberal attitude had gone and police presence was very heavy. What cities have you been to where you feel that the city was liberal ?

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Berlin. The typical German
Berlin. The typical German attitude to naked bodies can be seen best in the central park near the Brandenburg Gate. Naked sunbathing is commonplace.
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I agree about Berlin. And
I agree about Berlin. And Copenhagen is another city where I've seen naked sunbathing in a central park - that was about ten years ago, but I assume that is still applicable. I had not been aware that Barcelona had at one time permitted full nudity on the streets, but that would be the ideal answer to the pickpockets with which Barcelona is infested!
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Last time I was in Berlin I
Last time I was in Berlin I didn't see any naked bodies in the Central Park and I stayed near the Brandenburg Gate. Mind you it was December!