Clothes-free evening at Harrogate Turkish Baths & Health Spa

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Clothes-free evening at Harrogate Turkish Baths & Health Spa

Saturday 14th April 2018 6pm - 9:30pm

Early booking by telephone advised as numbers will be strictly limited, entry price £42 (£37 for BN members).

"An evening of tranquility, relaxation and rejuvenation"

From the Eden Spa website

Our concept is to offer high-end spa facilities to those people who might shy away from the 'traditional naturist lifestyle' but would like to experience for the first time or continue to enjoy public bathing textile-free. To this end, we have agreed with Harrogate Borough Council to use the Harrogate Turkish Baths. Our policy is to insist on our clients respecting that whilst the spa areas including the jacuzzi are textile-free, robes and footwear must be worn in the rest areas, corridors and in the cafe for refreshments. This is out of respect for the staff that belong to the baths, and also to give a sense of comfort to a new generation who might only be used to continental spas where this is the expected etiquette.


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Garry J
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I used to go here when in the

I used to go here when in the area on mens day it was never mixed that im aware of but do believe local clubs used it. similar to Ripon spa baths. I think it would have been in the 90s 0r Naughtys and it cost about £7.00 (lot of money) for as long as you wanted to stay. I was in Harrogate about 3 yrs ago and i went on a saturday cost £20.00 and had to borrow some shorts as was clothed and mixed. I wouldnt pay £20.00 for mixed naked venue now let alone what is being asked for. IMHO its a rip off !! Very nice venue but 20p a minute for non BN members ? Let me know if your going must be a lottery winner and you can sneak me in Smile


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