Cornwall developers on the beach

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Cornwall developers on the beach
Cornwall nudists are drawing a short straw. According to today's article on the developers and doggers have caused the naturist use of the beach to be terminated with signs indicating clothing must be worn. The two things that naturists seem to always be driven out by and developers and doggers! Have you been to Polgaver Beach in Carlyon Bay, Cornwall ? Are you a regular ? And where is the next best place to go ?

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OK, so I've never been there
OK, so I've never been there but the 'developer' has, I understand, now put up signs to say 'beachwear must be worn' but the beach has been absolutely ruined by that same 'developer' NOT developing the complex over recent years. They have built a sea defence wall that is unbelievably unsightly but have stopped all other work until the economy picks up and they can raise the investment to build over 500 apartments and make a profit. Meanwhile, the rest of the bay is unuseable. I think the way this entire enterprise has been handled by all parties is appalling as it could be a beautiful jewel in a beautiful bay. Ho hum. Meanwhile, I use Vault Beach, a few miles South, just beyond Mevagissey. It is a large South-facing beach that is little used and a lovely place to spend a few sunny hours.