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More power :)

Regular buffers may have noticed that ITB has been running a bit slow of late, including issues with the chat menu option not showing who's in chat.
We've been looking into this and have taken the decision to upgrade the hardware to give more speed and power all round.

This will take a few days, but we hope you'll enjoy the site even more once we're supercharged and burning some rubber!


Please bare with us (we know you will bare... ) while we complete these works, we'll keep you informed on this forum post of any downtime (which we'll keep minimal) when we have  the times and dates
We appreciate your continued support as we run nakedly through ITB's 11th year online.

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Downtime tonight.

Downtime tonight.


Apologies in advance for any inconvenience, there will be some downtime tonight while we work on boosting the power and speed.

We will keep you posted as things progress.

Life .... Risk it today :)

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All looking good now William.

All looking good now William.

Well done and thanks.


Pat One Life - Live It

bob b
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your to good to us on here

your to good to us on here william yes

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Thanks all for your patience

Thanks all for your patience and support


I can confirm that all functions on ITB are now working PERFECTLY.


If you are experiencing issues, please restart your computer / phone / tablet. Our IP address has changed and some devices will need to be restarted to recognise this.

Life .... Risk it today :)

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Thanks for all your hard work

Thanks for all your hard work keeping this great site going.

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Brilliant job, William.

Brilliant job, William. Thanks for keeping on top of things the way you do.

Ray K.