Naturists in soaps

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Naturists in soaps
On a Monday evening, with mind wandering, I was wondering whether there have any been any naturists in any soap operas ?

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There was 'Senza Buccia', an
There was 'Senza Buccia', an Italian naturist soap opera!
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I seem to remember very many
I seem to remember very many years ago a soap where one of the characters was a naturist and in scene sat nude on the mantelpiece, and another soap set Ian gym.... Not nudists but plenty of bare bums..... Or was I dreaming?

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I once,a few years back,came

I once,a few years back,came onto a french naurist series,"Nu".The story line was basically around what would be the middle 2025 era,where clothing was not allowed to be worn,and that nudity was compulsary due to hidden weapons,and where a ploice officer wakes after being in a coma for a couple of years,fully naked in the hospital,and how he struggles to adapt to a nude society,and of course there has to be an evil activist that is a clothing activist.All the characters are nude with taste...males and females.When I tried to access the series again,it was suddenly encrypted...perhaps you can google it and find it again.Its almost like"In the line of duty" but all done nude.