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new in cornwall

thought i`d introduce myself,

54 yr old male that has had an interest in naturism as far back as i can remember but only brave enough to wonder around house like it whenever slightest opportunity arrives, i would like to experience beaches ect but since very young i have experienced negatives about my build (very skinny) which sort of knocks your confidence and as i enjoy nudity i wouldnt like to get it dissapointed but do feel time is flying by and need to be me whilst i can if that makes sense.

looking forward to chatting and knowing your views



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hi there from s wales here

hi there from s wales here and welcome to the site many nice people here willing to chat anytime

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That's good to hear David

That's good to hear David thanks

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Welcome and I agree, none of

Welcome and I agree, none of us are perfect and I amongst some others are far from it! lol

Just go for it and remember on a naturist beach they are all naked as well and some may feel just how you do at first but who cares just do it. you won't look back.