To Shave Or Not To Shave?

Hi Peeps, Well what a question eh, to shave or not to shave?. I have been shaving my pubic hair for a very long time now. I was still at school when i started and have never had any hangups about it. I just love to feeling of being smooth. I have even started shaving my upper legs and i sometimes remove my belly hair too. The main downside though is about a day or so after the shave i always seem to get the rash but it only lasts for a day or so. Any tips would be appreciated from anyone reading this by the way!. I really cannot recall ever having a full complement of pubic hair actually now i think about it. Anyway thats that off my chest along with the hair sometimes too lol. Take Care All Peter



To shave or not to shave.

Hi Peter,

Like you I prefer the smooth feeling and have been that way for years, but don't get a rash.

If you want to remove hair on other parts of your body and avoid shaving rash, you could use hair removal creams carefully , or try waxing(which will keep you smoother for longer) and reduce regrowth.




I have only shaved completely

I have only shaved completely once, I looked too weird, well more weird than normal lol. I trim my pudic area and shave the other bits, but I don't get a rash there, lucky I guess. I have also tried waxing, on my back, once. Apart from the pain, the ingrowing hairs were rediculous and very painful. So that gets shaved now too. I think the trick to the shaving rash is, not to leave it too long between shaves and use a good razor. Les


I just recently went smooth south of my navel.  I didn't get so much a rash but some razor bumps red in color.  A friend said to soak in a tub of hot water and to use a harsh body scrub, this will prevent ingrown hairs, which is what can happen with the red bumps.

Within a week of using the scrub they went away, now I soak in a tub or direct hot water on the area in the shower to soften things up, then follow up with the scrub using a facecloth, rinse, and now you're ready to shave.  Use a single razor blade, not the multi blades. Pull your skin taunt and shave int he direction that the hair grows.  Try to use the blade no more than 2 or 3 times, I purchased a pack of disposable razor blades. 

After shaving the area, dry it, then apply a moisturizing lotion to it, one that can absorb into the skin.  

This should help you out.




I used to get a "razor rash"

I used to get a "razor rash" of red pumps and marks all over the pubic region a day or two after shaving. I found it was worse if I shaved more frequently than once a week but recently I haven't had any rash after shaving. I'm sure it's due to the skin having hardened off a little around that area just like it does on the face when you start shaving (yes I've got a long memory!).
However I did once try some hair removal cream to see if that would stop the red rash marks and it did but unfortunately even though I washed it off way before the time stated it still got tender for at least a day. the other downside was the smell from it that seemed to stay on the skin. What I found is best is to first get a minimum triple blade razor of a well known quality make, use decent shaving foam after wetting the area with a cloth soaked in hot water and then whilst shaving pull the skin tight with the other hand. I then applied a good quality moisturiser (for example Nivea) to the skin but haven't bothered since I no longer get a rash from the shaving.
Whilst this has worked for me it has to be remembered everyone's skin is different.

I have found that using a

I have found that using a Philips body groomer does the whole body, not only is it quick but no razor rash with this one, you can use it wet or dry (works just as good wet) have used this for years and wont use a bladed razor for the smooth look again.

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Am letting my Bush grow at

Am letting my Bush grow at to mix it up. But shave chest and balls. I use Sainsbury’s shave gel which gives a really smooth shave, and for me anyhow... no razor burn or problems. I always moisturise after which makes it feel nicer....on so many levels. ;-)

I often shave around my penis

I often shave around my penis and balls but normally leave the surrounding area intact. I found it easier to do it in the shower without any cream etc. Which reminds me, I need to shave fairly shortly


i've shaved for years, i shave daily in the shower and i use a conditioner to soften the skin and hairs before shaving. This way i stay smooth without any ingrowing hairs and bumps.

I use aqueous cream. It stops

I use aqueous cream. It stops any rash. I use it as a shaving foam and the moisturise after


We both like to keep smooth,

We both like to keep smooth, June wet shaves daily and I use a foil shaver most days and wet shave when I want to have that extra smooth feel, but I do suffer a little with razer rash sometimes after wet shaving.

I am debating letting it grow a little and taking my self to a wax salon, apparently it will stay smoother for much longer, when I told the wife about this she kindly offered to do my balls with a pair of tweezers.... :(

my wife wants to wax me but

my wife wants to wax me but only cos she wants to inflict pain on me and to see me wince. I told her that the only time she could do it, is when im dead lol

I use a normal Philishave for

I use a normal Philishave for my stomach and pubic area and wet shave my penis and balls.
Nivea body shaving after shave lotion is good for the whole area and it is thicker than their after shave balm.
I find that I have far fewer spots if I clean my shaver every couple of days.

I have started to us a

I have started to us a depilatory shaving power, on my pubic area. It is formulated to be used on the face. Great smooth result and no razor bumps/in growing hairs. I was getting that from shaving.