Studland in Winter

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Studland in Winter

Hi everyone, hope you're well??  I'm considering driving to Studland in the winter (providing we stay in the lower tiers!). I love studland in the summer, and was lucky enough to visit 3 times this year. I'm very curious about naturism in the winter - I love the cold - but I just wanted to check - will there be other people around? I'm a big believer in safety in numbers - but am concerned if it was just me and something happens... ideally I would brave a short cold water swim (I'm experienced and know my limits) but again would be nice to know other like minded and friendly people will be around just in case!  Thanks in advance for your replies, and hope you all have a lovely Christmas and new year!  Stevie 

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Yes there will be other

Yes there will be other people at Studland in Winter but they will be dressed. It is a popular beach with locals like myself for long walks and jogging along the beach. If it snows the dunes are very picturesque.

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Thank you for your reply!  I

Thank you for your reply!  I'll definitely go as it is my favourite place to visit, hopefully will get my cold sea swim in, but will be mindful that it may be a different crowd to the middle of summer :) 

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I agree, a great area for a

I agree, a great area for a winter walk, but I have seen a naked swimmer in the winter, on Boxing Day. 

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We go there in the summer

We go there in the summer naked and then quite a few times in winter but we're totally dressed for the weather - would love to see you baring all with the cold winter wind off the sea....brrr! *biggrin*

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The closest we got to being

The closest we got to being naked in Winter was that exceptionally mild Feb (2 years ago) where it reaches 14c and was sunny. Even so didn't stay naked more than 30 minutes

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I'll probably go for my swim,

I'll probably go for my swim, and then wrap up and enjoy a hot coffee from my thermos! :D even if plan does not goes ahead, or I chicken out it will be a lovely day out and some good exercise and fresh air :) 

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I’ve never really been a

I’ve never really been a outside nudist when winter time never really liked the cold but I have a friend who does swim naked outside at Christmas time . I guess as they say don’t knock it till you have tried it . Guess I should at some point give it a try have seen nudists mostly vintage photos of snow times . Wish you well steve 

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Quite a few people around my

Quite a few people around my area are out everyday swimming but no one baring all. I've never actually been to Studland but would like to visit,
I would be impressed at anyone baring all and swimming. Good luck I think its wise to have someone else around just in case.

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There are several swim groups

There are several swim groups in Dorset that swim all year round in the sea. Several swim on Boxing Day naked. I'm a coward! Not to be nude, but to experience the cold water. 

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They have a nude swim on the

They have a nude swim on the 21st or 1 of jan in durridge bay in the northeast 

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Unfortunately looks like it

Unfortunately looks like it won't happen now with the tiers changing - I'm doing my bit to keep my family and everyone else safe. Stay safe everyone and hopefully will see you out and about in the warmer months! 

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Swimmers every day in Swanage

Swimmers every day in Swanage bay (costumed). The sea temperature off Studland is 11 deg. c to-day



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Although fairly local, it's a

Although fairly local, it's a rare treat for me to visit Studland. In an ideal world I would go with a friend simply to enjoy walking nude together in the dunes without offending anyone. Any offers?!