Thread: Streak Naked For Tigers - London Zoo 7pm Thu 13th Aug 2015 - 148 Places Left

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Thread: Streak Naked For Tigers - London Zoo 7pm Thu 13th Aug 2015 - 148 Places Left

Dear All,

I would have liked to have gone on this myself this year if I had not already had a summer holiday booked at the same time. Also due to somewhat bad publicity by London Zoo I only found out about this event 10 days ago even though it actually first happened in 2013 and then again 2014.

In any event cutting to the chase the details of this event are to be found at the following link on the London Zoo website at:-

It is taking place between 7pm and 9pm tomorrow night (Thursday 13th August) at London Zoo in Regents Park and allows you and your fellow participants to complete a number of short laps of the main central area of the zoo absolutely stark bollock naked apart from your running shoes or any other old shoes you may happen to have with you.

At the moment there are 148 places left out of an original maximum of 300. The event has been full up long in advance last year and in 2013 but I think they are now coming up against the main possible deterrent to take part of a registration fee of £20 (not too bad) but also an additional blandishment that you raise another £150 sponsorship for the Zoo's work on tigers on top of this. Although if they had stood around at Studland and Brighton Black Rock naturist beaches for the last few weeks handing out leaflets I am sure they would had no trouble finding enough participants for the run.

I have read the terms and conditions very carefully and you clearly have to pay the £20 registration fee in order to be allowed in the door and get your kit off for the run but the hope that you are going to raise £150 sponsorship seems to be just that, a hope. There appears to be nothing obvious in the terms and conditions that means they can come after you the naked runner for the £150 if you don't get enough sponsorship. And as you would be booking with a day to go before the race I think you would have a pretty good excuse for not being able to get enough sponsors in time. At the end of the day some of you may feel like paying £150 anyway towards efforts to save the tiger but if not you could probably just give them £50 while saying you didn't have time to get others to sponsor you before the run and/or you are too shy to tell others about it by getting them to agree to become sponsors. I am quite sure ZSL wants the run to be full up and will not press the point on this front, especially if you can point to limited financial means etc, etc.

Regarding confidentiality and your anonymity you can wear a tiger mask, supplied by the zoo's organisers for this event, to optionally hide your face or to protect yourself against being identified in either personal photos or videos taken by runners and their friends/family and/or also on the main official video of the streak by London Zoo.

Well anyway I hope that some of you may get to hear about this in time and decide to go along tomorrow evening (Thursday 13th August). Apparently a pack of tigers is called a "streak", hence the reason for this whole idea.

See the videos of this event at:-



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