Time to move on!!

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Time to move on!!

Can we please draw a line under the continual discussion and raising of fourm posts solely based on Naturism and this 'apparent' link with sexuality. It only becomes such a link when certain individuals feel the constant need to raise this at every given opportunity!!! Followed by unhelpful, lengthy and in my view in reading, attacking words which continually lean on that they are right and with the only correct argument.

As the old saying goes ' Those that shout the loudest, have the most to hide'

ITB is a great site run by 2 fabulous individuals who work tirelessly to give us all a site that we can chat and discuss about all varieties of topics. The In the Buff Forums page, gives a variety of choices of topics apart from just the Sex and Naturism one!

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curiouscpl241 (not verified)
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Its a free world

Unfortunately we live in a free country, which allows us freedom of speech, freedom of choice.

I agree to a certain extent there are indivuduals who have issue with posts on sex but do seem to raise this a lot. However that is there right to make comments in a post. I do not think anyone has the right to decide what can and can not be discussed in a forum, in some cases some very valid points are made.

My motto goes the same for all things, if you don't like what your watching don't watch it, so if you dont want to read posts which discuss this subject then don't read em

Agreed there are other topics and people are free to raise new forums in these, so please go ahead start new threads.

Seems we complain when others associate naturism as some form of voyeurism, yet here we are naturists complaining about sex as if it is some degrading function, let's get real it is part of everyday life whether you are over that stage of your life or not.

I agree this site is really run well, and controlled properly by those people, but I even think they would agree whats raised in forums is up to the members.

So sorry Jon I have to disagree in that I do not need thought police, and I will raise whatever subjects I want which are legal, and other people have the right to do the same.

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Ok. Having seen how other sites have fallen foul of the in fighting, may we stop this here and now. Jon, I agree with you. However, Curious has an equaly valid point. He is free to post what he wants. However, a word of caution. The sheer number and constant barrage of threads on a similar nature can be a little tiresome. Yes, I can choose not to read them and frequently do ignore them. But the overall effect this has on the membership is one of boredom and not bothering to log on any more. To some extent, the trivia quiz had the same effect. Although done for the best of intentions, it ran through the winter to keep posts and interests going. If I dont want to take part, fine, I ignore the post.
Please dont let this site become a place of in fighting, sex predominant, boring place to be. If it does, membership will fall and the site will close. Admin does a good job keeping this site up and running. If it starts to lose its shine or start to spiral costs then he will have no choice but to close it.
I for one, having been a member for some years, would feel like a limb was missing should I lose it and the friends I have made here. Please - dont spoil it.

curiouscpl241 (not verified)
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Not into fighting either

I dont think it is a case of fighting more a case of differing opinions, which may be disagreements. I think the majority of people on here are adults, and therefore see it as just opinions. I think some posts have been over opinionated and although people have a right to a view it should be given without causing offence to others or disrespectful of those views. If everybody kept this in mind we will all be fine.

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