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As you may be aware there have been a number of changes that have occured during the upgrade.

Here are just some of them

The chat box has changed, and now refreshes without refreshing the whole page.
The forums are now easier to read and to post to with profile photos so you can see who posted (photos only show once logged in)
The forums are now laid out like most other forums.
The buddy list function is still in transition as it will allow you to follow and be followed ie. you can have your fans follow you! lol

Weather is now customisable, click "My Account" where you can access lots of settings about your account which will include seeing your fans!

The Gallery was also upgraded with several new features including search for photo name etc.

Don't hesitate to post if you see something not working, or something that needs a refresh, repaint or repair!

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Dear Mr Admin Some of the new
Dear Mr Admin Some of the new features are very good, especially in relation to the forums. However, when you get to my advanced years the eyes have a tendency to go and Ive noticed (or not:)) that the phoyos and text seem to have got smaller, to the point I have developed an interesting squint! Is help at hand?
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Ah have you ever tried
Ah have you ever tried pressing CTRL and + at the same time, or CTRL and - these are very very handy things Biggrin and generally work on all sites (excluding those terrible ones that are flash only!)

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Well the clocks have changed,
Well the clocks have changed, the daffs are out and my easter egg is in the fridge. Spring is here, time for the sunglasses, suncream and not forgetting the wooly hat, mittens, 3 layers of clothing and ski's. And that's just to go shopping!! Blum 3
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Dont forget welly boots and
Dont forget welly boots and umbrella


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I think naturistcamper has
I think naturistcamper has misunderstood this forum. The changes refer to the site changes that have occured during the upgrade. Hopefully the weather has not had any impact on our enjoyment of ITB unless it means we spend more time indoors on line LOL

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