The end of the One Eyed Monster

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The end of the One Eyed Monster
Seems the public have spoken, and we are not talking about trouser snakes, it seem Mr Brown is doomed. Sorry Mike (The Uppermost) apartment already full of blubbering champagne socualists, lol. Hung hey yes they should be the lot of em, as a fomer Tory, my allegiance has changed but I am not gonne discuss where but its not in the main three, I can see an alliace happening but I doubt the right wing parties are gonna help Gordy out, where's the worlds smallest violin. I'll do you a deal you take our Kevin and I'll see what I can do for ole one eye, ha ha. I await to see what happens and hope the Liberals back a winner not a loser who has dragged the UK to its knees, they had there chance they wanted to be Tory wannabe's now look whats happened, good luck Britain lets hope whoever brings some sense back cos Labour certainly won't.

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