Fairwell all

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Fairwell all
G'Day all We have made a decision due to time contraints etc and the time diff not to renew our membership of this site, I have sent an email to william to wish him well with the site, and we think there are some great people on here. However we must do what we have to do and are spending a lot of time exploring the great country we live in. I think what they offer here for the price is great value, but we have our own places we now visit. We wish you all the best and please continue to support this as a great British site and a site which is true to naturism All the best Love Chris & Kerry

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Farewell and so long
Farewell and so long Hope you get along.. ..well with your choice And in your exploring, rejoice Wishing you fun in the sun And when each day is done Relax and rest Without need to get dressed Hope you enjoyed And ITB filled the void Till your decision was made To begin your crusade Thanks for your support Although your stay quite short I hope you had fun In the long run Love Pat xxx

Pat One Life - Live It

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good bye
Take care guys, nice getting to know you. Enjoy your future together ! Matt
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Tarra Cock
As they say around here. All the best to you both and if ever you re-think, I would be pleased to see you back here. Cheers Denny
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All the best
Sorry to see you go, but understand that these decisions sometimes need to be made. Thank you for your contributions. You will be missed and, if you ever cahnge your minds and come back, will be welcomed with open arms. Keep up the natural and joyful naturist traditions. Take care and stay bare, Paul xx
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Bye for now
Sorry to see you guys go... I'm sure I speak for many here when I say you will always be welcome if you ever decide to return.

Regards Rob

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Ty all we will have a stick
Ty all we will have a stick beak now and again, like today, lol