Keeping warm in winter

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Keeping warm in winter
Just watching an advert for some insulation company on TV, he advised that they recommend 27cm of loft insulation Now that's a foot in old terms.....Seems our loft's certainly under insulated So who's been in their loft recently to check ....before the snow comes?

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figaro (not verified)
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havent been in our loft for
havent been in our loft for ages, cant get the domestic staff to go up there Lol I'm sure mines no where near a foot
Scouse Mouse
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Got cavity wall insulation,
Got cavity wall insulation, double Glazing, 3 rooms with wall to wall and floor to ceiling windows and 16" in the loft, trouble is now even in the winter we have to sleep with windows open phew!
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Did mine last year
I topped my loft up last year and have yet to notice the difference, the heating is still costing a fortune!
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Gas up 20% per year ?
We had the gas man out about the new boiler, now whether you believe his sales talk or not, to be honest he wasn't really selling he reckons that we should all be budgetting for a 20% increase per year over the next 5 years - that's a hell of an increase ! Anyone else had any info ?

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Thats not
even 4% p.a. ..... with CPI at 5.2% p.a. last month and 5% p.a. this month it seems about what would be expected ... More lagging William !! Ian
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Not supprised
Gas up 20%? i am not surprised at that, when the government relise that we cant afford all the rises it will be too late. GB will be broke. The fat cats just want to get fatter, the government should grow a pair and stamp it out but cant see that happening as they dont really live in the real world. Get ready for more deaths as people cant afford to heat their homes this winter or buy the food needed to fight off colds and flu, we just send money to other countries, give money to banks, fight other peoples wars.
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I got a friend may be able to help William. Give him a call, he is called Phil McCavity. (sorry - couldnt resist)
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