3D Naturist Film

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3D Naturist Film
Rumour has it that the media of 3D film is about to be invaded by a naturist film. The film purported to be entitled 3D Nudist Adventure is being created by Nudist3d.com according to Marketing director Keith Johnson. Are you ready to be filmed in 3D ? 3D stills cameras are available in the consumer market at a remarkably affordable £700 or less, so when will you be investing ?

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could b fun
we might need more than 3 d specs for some of us i dont like looking at myself now b worse in 3 d
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New Camera
Apparently the new 3d Camera doesn't require an specs to see in 3d - however you do have to hold right in front of you - you can't see from the sides - ie. no good for showing to a group all at once.

Life .... Risk it today :)

TonyR (not verified)
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3d photos
I got to see the new 3d camera it was amazing, although you had to have a steady hand holding it in the right position, but I'm sure that in the near future they will be cheap enough, and be on everyone's christmas list!
barebob (not verified)
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expensive 3d
If the 3D cameras are going to cost around £700, I think I'll stick with my digi 2D until the price drops to a reasonable level. I must admit though, things could be quite interesting in 3D.
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