Does Being Naturists Really Unite Us?

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Does Being Naturists Really Unite Us?
I often see the term "naturist community", and often see and hear about different aspects of the community and how feelings between sections of the community differ and conflict. What is your view on the "naturist community" , is there a community and does the community include non naturists, who support the naturist cause while not taking part themselves ?

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Community? Can you Bare to join us?
I basically agree that on sites like this one there is a 'community' of naturists. I also agree that there are many internet naturist groups & sites that are probably not actually naturist based at all. Many 'members' of these sites are perverts wanting to look at naked people's photo's or pretend to be naturists themselves. There are of course many sex based groups & sites that use the term "Naturist" to cover their dubious activities. I have recently encountered internet 'naturist' sites that are about 95% inhabited by males, many of whom submit photo's of their genitalia as 'proof' that they are nudists. I don't know what the answer is, but I do feel comfortable on ITB. In the real world there are many naturist communities, groups of actual real life people who do prefer to be without clothes whenever it is practical. They tend to be self policing, also very self respecting. The ones that do exist on a degree of sexual activity only attract the deviants that actually want to be there. We are home based naturists now, mainly due to my ill health. We have been members of a club in England & we have been on many naturist camp & holiday sites around Europe. It is quite easy to find real naturism, if you are a naturist !
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The word 'community' is much
The word 'community' is much over-used and abused. Naturism is made of of many clubs, each of which is a separate little community of supportive friends and acquaintances but even there, I guess, as in many groups, there are the few working donkeys and the many who enjoy the fruits of others' labours. Then there are the many non-club members who maybe meet up with naturist friends on holidays and the like but who otherwise lead their own lives. So community in naturism is a very loose term. There is a sense of community here at ITB not least because both moderators and most of the members are keen to maintain a network of "friends without faces" who rightly prefer to keep naturism natural and free from overt sexual references and activity. I feel safe here in this non-threatening web-group and have been privileged to meet some of the members IRL, but naturism as a whole is not a community in the literal sense. Rather it is a disparate collection of often small, independent communities in a much larger sea of naturist individuals.

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Is naturism split into effect political parties, each with their own agenda, beliefs, proposals and desires? In ordinary politics most parties have a policy on immigration, education, health, economy etc. What are the key areas that the different parts of naturism that would apply to a naturist groups manifesto ?

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