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Choice of words
Folks, I see the abbreviation "pervy" appear in these pages fairly frequently. I think the users of this casual and extremely unprecise word need to remember that there are many people in this country who will think naturism (and even worse - displaying yourself naked on a public website like this) is "pervy." I really think, therefore, that as naturists - or indeed as anything! - we shouldn't be using this word.

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Choice of words
"Pervey" is I assume a slang for perverse and perverse can mean many things depending on it's context. We have the advantage in our language that we have many words which we can use but puts a different slant on the meaning. Whereas some foreign languages can be very abrupt when the originator does not wish to be so. We have a live language not like Latin and the words change with fashions. Dare I be so bold as to say "Faggot" when we all know it means a bundle of twigs lit at night to supply light in military camps. Frankly life is too short to worry about people who cannot express themselves correctly.


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"Pervy" is more closely
"Pervy" is more closely allied to "perversion," somewhat more loaded than "perverse." I could never be convinced that "pervy" is acceptable in any context.
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What do you mean.. !
If we go through the dictionary of everyday words we'll find so many have different meanings to those we use. We can wrongly adopt a meaning in common usage & it becomes the accepted meaning. Over the years some words alter their meanings because of common usage. The most common changed word in usage today is 'Gay', now it has a sexual conotation and is used to describe a homosexual person. It used to mean 'Happy' 'Light-hearted manner'. So if we are to start taking offence at words we must think of the reason or intended meanings behind them. In some instances when I have heard naturists being called perverts it was meant to express strongly that the unclothed state was offensive. In that context I felt sorry for the person using the word, they seem to be offended by the human naked body. I asked the person why he felt nakedness was perverted, he said quite seriously that he thought naked bodies are disgusting, he has 3 children so he's obviously not 'disgusted' all the time !
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Reminds me of the time a
Reminds me of the time a friend of mine went into a stationers in New York and asked for a 'rubber'. You know the thing you use when rubbing out pencil mistakes. OMG. The term 'rubber' in the US means condom! So beware all you sex starved, pervy, artistic types. 'Nuf said!!
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My father, coming from 'up north' used to refer to faggots as ducks bums. I can remember them being really nice but have since tasted the supermarket frozen ones - yuk.
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