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A friend of mine has asked for for information about B&B's/Hotels and beaches in France. Apart from Cap D'Adge and Levant already listed on here does anyone have other recommendations I can pass on to him please ?? Ian

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Matt (not verified)
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Bay Ouest
Well I stayed in a place called Bay Ouest in Quebriac, its between Rennes and St Malo. Its a gay naturist B&B. The owner was lovely and I made some nice friends there. It has 4 bedrooms, a heated pool and a sauner with gardens to walk around in. There are 2 nice naturist beaches about 30-45mins away from Bay Ouest, they are near St Malo. Its a lovely place to stay, with some lovely local resturants. You can check out my review on it on, its under the title 'fantastic'. The beach is lovely, very deep, very calm, I spent about 4 hours in there just floating and acting like a kid. It was lovely. Hope this helps. Matt
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Thanks Matt
Sounds ideal ! I will pass on the info to him. Ian
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I have quite few beaches logged on my maps, and I have been to quite a few too. Get in touch directly if you want the information I have. There are quite few Naturist campsites scattered around. I have no knowledge of B&Bs


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