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Microsoft SCAM
My sons father-inlaw has just been scammed at around 6pm this evening. Someone telephoned them and said it was Microsoft and that they had over 200 viruses in thier computer. And as it progressed the asked for a fee of £199.00p to cover the cost of cleaning his computer. Well he did try to give them money 3 times but it failed to go through. On the 4th attempt he phoned his bank and the bank advised him it was a scam and they stopped the payments and cancelled his card. I had this call about six months ago and I told them what to do, but to someone who has had a stroke or a bit slow in sussing out scams people can be taken in. And the other thing is how did Microsoft get phone numbers you dont give them that when signing up. Beware you have been warned and do please pass it on to friends and relatives. This is genuine , I am not in the habit of sending something which isnt true. Andy

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Check out
You can check out many hoaxes and scams here:- and here:-

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microsoft never phone you to
microsoft never phone you to tell you that your computer has got virus's, thats why you buy anti virus software.
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I know Nick but if someone has had a stroke and is not thinking to good !!!!!!
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I had this call two days ago
I had this call two days ago and they took me through the PC to show the faults ( only errors not connecting to HTML)which if you dont know is not a problem. I was even given a fake web site to go to which didnt exist. My brother made a mistake of letting them access his PC and he lost all his data and photos, he had to get another laptop in the end. Be wise, be safe
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I get
I get this call at least once a month. They say that they are calling from Microsoft and that they have error reports from my pc and that it is infected. When challenged they tell you to log on to a web site that proves they are who they say they are. I just put the phone down and let them ramble until they hang up - its also a good thing to blow a whistle down the line now and again! DO NOT log on to the web site. If you have your own anti-virus running - then it would already have picked up stuff before they called - so they are a defo scam. Its about time something was done to stop these bstds.
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My parents had this call aswell they told them that they had so much wrong with their computer it would cost a few quid and my parents laughed at them, when they were asked why they were laughing my dad said "We dont have a computer" and with that they hung These scammers cant be that good if they dont even know who has a computer.