Any one for naked golf ?

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Any one for naked golf ?
Naked golf world record to be attempted in Southend. 25/03/2012 Southend. A world record attempt for the most naked people playing mini golf in one hour is to be held at an Essex resort. The bare-bottomed bid to claim the as-yet unset record will be held at Adventure Island in Southend on Sunday. More than 30 people are expected to strip off for the event, which has been organised to raise awareness for The Prostate Cancer Charity More at

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Guinness world record
The record attempt was achieved. 30 nude mini golf players completed the record in 49 minutes. I forgot to say that 2 journo's were persuaded to take part to make up the 30 participants. Report Another report The event was mentioned on local radio this morning too (26/3/12).

Pat One Life - Live It

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I would have gladly joined in
I would have gladly joined in if it wasnt for me being on nights this week
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Naked Golf Cards
Brain and Susan said- "The Oxfam Shop and others are selling a Greetings card which features some 'Old(ish)' fellas 'Teeing off in the nude. "... I saw this in the local newsagents. All grist to the naturist mill.. Smile

Andy :-)

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Too late
I love naturism and mini golf - what a pity I've only just seen this. Please let me know when the next event is to be held. Surely 32 of us could take part?!
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