Tax Refund Scam

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Tax Refund Scam
Another Scam. Just had a junk email headed, Unclaimed Tax Refund Message. It goes on to say 251.80 GBP then, this is the last notice we will be sending to you regarding this issue. The it has Click here Proceed to Refund . Do Not respond unless you want to have all your cash taken from your account.

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reporting scams
yep thanksfor the warning, AnP77. It's usually best to avoid opening any messages like that. UK scams can be reported at the ActionFraud website though I don't know how effective that is
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Thanks ....
Thanks for the heads up on that one .. yet another scam to look out for.
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It would be very odd for the
It would be very odd for the Tax office (or any government dept,) to just email anyone in this way. They would write to individuals in the first instance.
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In debt to HMRC
Buy 2 stamps and use one to pay what's due!

Andy :-)

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