Winterton Dunes

Unofficial nudist beach, with dunes and very sandy beach, can be windy, so take a windbreak. Is also an nature reserve/RSPB so plenty of feathered birds to watch, but please be careful of any nesting areas.

Please keep the beach clean, take your litter home.

Nearest services are a cafe and toilets and shop at the carpark in Winterton-On-Sea

Any comments from people have visited welcome

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United Kingdom
52° 45' 4.5216" N, 1° 39' 51.9444" E


Winterton Dunes

My wife and I used to visit Sea Palling and Horsey - a bit further along the coast and enjoyed many weekends sunbathing, and when a bit quiter, swimming naked. We also visited Winterton and found it equally nice. Most people on the beach did not venture very far from the car park so, by walking along the beach for a while you could easily find a spot to shed your kit. Swimming naked was also possible at times.

There is a nice pub in Winterton; we mean to return and stay there for a while, using it as a base to explore the Norfolk coast.

I agree with your comments

I agree with your comments about this pub, excpet that there was a time when you had a long wait for the food to appear, but I think this might have improved recently.  The cafe is a delight -  very friendly and surprisingly big menu for such a small place!   Very dog friendly too!

Visited Winterton and Horsey

Visited Winterton and Horsey Dunes on three occasions last week and encountered just 3 nudists. Had a chat with one guy who had been sunbathing a lot and had said he had seen others, including a couple while he was there. Lovely beach and if you are prepeared to walk a while you will find some great spots to sunbathe or even walk naked. It's the first time I've been nude on a beach in UK for years

Yes great spot for walk and

Yes great spot for walk and dip.  Just surprised there were so few nudies there.  I hope to get there this week - probably early Wednesday. 

Had a walk along there last

Had a walk along there last Thursday, not very sunny and not a naked body in sight. Very quiet and a beautiful spot all the same, if a bit breezy.

Also its such a large

Also its such a large possible area especially if you include the dunes and the Waxham end naturist may end up spread out and not realise who else is about.I was at the Waxham end a few weeks ago and only saw, and talked with, one other naturist.  There were just a few clothed beach goers and loads of seals. I am getting more bold these days and happy to go for a nude swim even if there are people say 250 yards away.   

I went to Winterton last week

I went to Winterton last week on a hot day but a touch less so on the coast.  Unusually for me I paid for parking at Winterton and walk north  for a bit over a mile (30 mins) - I continued for about half a mile north a bit later. There were about 15 naturists spread out over quite a stretch of beach; all solo males except one couple partially hidden in the dunes. One guy I spoke to had parked for free at Waxham and walked south.The sea was just the right temperature. Great place and worth the hike. 

My local beach! Well, a short

My local beach! Well, a short drive away. Corton is easier and free to park and a short walk but not as pretty as Winterton dunes. Definitely worth the walk from either Horsey, Waxham or Winterton village/cafe. also try Poppy's tea rooms in the Post Office in the village,as well as Dunes Cafe and the pub, Fisherman's Return is still going strong and serving great food. It does get busy so be prepared to wait a while. 'Slow You Down' as we say in Norfolk!