Freystan Nude Beach - Fraisthorpe Sands

Sandy beaches some cliffs offering some shelter for more info - please add comments on your visits to the beach.

The Fraisthorpe United Naturists website appears to have disappeared, if anyone has the new website address or if this beach is still naturist please comment

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United Kingdom
54° 2' 49.9992" N, 0° 12' 52.3584" W


I have enjoyed several visits

I have enjoyed several visits to Fraisthorpe beach this glorious summer. Turn right (South),when leaving the car park, (£3.00 for the day, attendant, the farmer, leaves the kiosk at 4.00pm). Walk for about 1Km or just before Earls Dyke crosses the beach. The beach is expansive and flat at low tide and quite small at high tide. there are some low sandy cliffs with agricultural land immediately behind. Many 2nd WW concrete defences remain and its good to know where these are if you intend swimming. The beach is frequented by dogwalkers and horseriders and accompanying children so I've kept a low profile when they are in the vicinity. Other naturists have taken windbreaks and screens to add to their privacy but I figure that I havn't got anything to hide as long as I don't push myself in people's faces. I havn't been made to feel uneasy about my nudity by anyone yet. Although I have met and talked with other naturists there I am the only one I've seen to stroll about and swim there. It used to be a recognised naturist beach back in 1980 but in 1994 East Riding of Yorkshire Council received complaints about some behaviours and put up an aggressive notice claiming that it is no longer a designated nudist beach and "indecent behaviour will be prosecuted".