Out of interest what percentage of ITB Users smoke? Please select the closest that describes you.

I Smoke 20+ a day
8% (9 votes)
I Smoke 10-20 a day
4% (5 votes)
I Smoke 1-10 a day
4% (5 votes)
I Smoke the odd cigarette
3% (3 votes)
I do not smoke and but have done in the past
37% (43 votes)
I do not smoke and never have
44% (51 votes)
Total votes: 116


looks fairly healthy

It certainly doesn't look too bad, and we're rooting for that day you say it's day 119 Mother!

Life .... Risk it today :)



Is this

a forerunner to the fag police getting their grips into naturists? I hope the next notice isnt a 'no smokers permitted online at ITB'.

Never have

And especially as a singer [admittedly amateur] I have never seen the attraction and the waste of money involved.

And they think nudists are off their rocker! [I'll get off high horse rocker now ;o) ]

i do not mean to offend but

i am afraid that i am one of thoes tobacco hating biggots too. To the extent that i have a sign saying "no fowl fag flingers fanx" which i place next to my sun shelter on the beach in a vain effort to try to diswade smokers from sitting by us.I choose not to go to functions where i would be around people that smoke and if i miss out on a party well so be it. If you hated wiskey you wouldn't go on a tour of scotish distileries would you? I fequent our local pub now at least weekly partaking in quizzes and socialising, drinking my diet coke, an activety i couldn't do before
The reason smoking is pilloried and chastised is because in a confined space you are not only harming your self but you harm others too. My addiction is chocolate but no one else gets fat because i am eating it , only me. As for the expense question well thats a personal choice if people don't mind paying that amount for their habit its none of our business
I am an advocate of, do what you want with in the law as long as you are not hurting any one else. This is why i think smoking areas should be provided so that smokers can use them and non-smokers can avoid them
love toadie

Personal choice

Its all a matter of personal choice isn't it....I choose not to smoke (never had a fag in my life... not even at school as a dare) but I don't berate otheres who do... just as I wouldn't expect to be berated if I chose friends who didn't smoke over those who do. No one has the right to tell me what I should do (smoke or not smoke) or who I do it with (smoking or non smoking friends) so long as I am not breaking the law of the land... which at this present moment in time says that tobacco smoking is legal,even if it is restricted where you can smoke... after all once you take up the cudgel against smokers where do you draw the line... who will be the next group of percieved non comformists that the thought police will attack next... maybe those strange people who like to take their clothes off at every opportunity.... just a thought from someone who could possibly be accused of sitting on the fence



Regards Rob

I Think..

..the more these excahanges occur the more I get put off using ITB!! Thought we were a friendly bunch? Thought we were all here for same purpose and reason. Not to judge one another or to offend folk....perhaps I am wrong!!!

Note to Jon & Mother

Jon - try to understand that heated discussion, as it can be a very emotive subject, is good for everyone, it allows people to see different sides of a story, perhaps sides and ideas they have never thought about before. Certainly it shouldn't put you off the site. Possibly the way the ideologies and thoughts come over may not always be as clear as one hopes so as not to cause offence.

Mother - Well done, and I'm sure everyone here is rooting for you to complete your task.

And with that note I think a new thread for discussion....

Life .... Risk it today :)

out of interest......

out of interest.... heard that somewhere before lol...
What is the underlying motive...if any for admin starting this thread..... its not as though we are a landed club and need to provide somewhere for non smokers to indulge in their past time



Regards Rob


i don't think there was any motive. I think admin was just trying to "spark up" a dialogue as it has gone very quiet here.
One Life - Live It

Pat One Life - Live It

Now thats the problem of

Now thats the problem of text not voice.... I didn't mean the comment the way it read.. I don't for one minute think there was/is a sinister reason for the OP... I was just interested to know why the question was asked out of the Blue.. and I would not even have thought about that if the responses (probably mine too looking at it) had not been so emotive. However.. from your response Pat.. I realise it was as you say an effort to promote traffic on the forum... which it has done... good on you guys



Regards Rob

you are right Wezzy

I think you are absolutly spot on there wezzy..... I for one have used the forums less and less over the last year.... I have no excuse for it.... I just didn't think I had anything relevent to say... I'm going to make an effort to get more involved in the forums.... or is it fora?... whatever it is I'll try and be there more... well done to the admins for doing something to stop the forums/fora fading away



Regards Rob


There was a reason for the question and poll.... and no Denny it's not to say that this is a non-smoking website - that just makes me smile! :) in a nice way!

It was purely that during the quiz on Sunday Mother was talking about how he had given up smoking, and knowing Pat indulges from time to time ;) I wondered what the split was like on an overall of the population.

Plus as you say things can get quiet if people are distracted on their day to day lives.

As for kayaking without a kayak... it sounds very painful and/or very wet!

Life .... Risk it today :)

love it

I love the chance to discuss topics i also like expressing my opinions. I never mean to upset any one.Your doing a grand job admin!
By the way . . . .wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all had the same opinions
love toadie