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Annual Cull

I've just performed my annual-ish buddy cull! Nothing personal but it seems a bit silly to have contacts who haven't contacted in living memory - and that applies to me as well.

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...spring cleaning, eh, Mother?

One Life - Live It

Pat One Life - Live It

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A much nicer way of putting it, Pat!

Naked Greetings

Naked GreetingsMother

SevernAndy (not verified)
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Spring Cleaning

I do that periodically, and almost every time I get someone popping up to chat who I have just taken off after MONTHS without so much as a "hi" in either direction!

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I dont cull

My friends list over the past few years has grown and grown. Some I hear from regularly, some not so often. But all of them remain on the list. As someone of advanced years, I use the list as a sort of aide memoire, when the memory starts to fade a little. I can go down the list and see a name. That evokes a memory of the person, what they were doing etc etc. Its always nice to be able to pick up on a person again as if you had never had time pass. Plus, I have been on the other end, where a contact has been deleted from a buddy list without contact. It leaves me worrying if I had said or done something wrong. So if you are going to delete me, please send me a message telling me that you are just clearing the list and that contact can be resumed if desired.
Thats it, thats my outlook.
Stay happy and naked
Denny No-mates.

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Having said that

Ok having said that I dont cull my list, I find that there are a lot on there that I no longer seem to have contact with. I seem to go through phases where I chat to someone daily and then seem to lose track.
To this end, I am going to cull my buddy list. Please do not take offense if you are removed. It is nothing personal, just a tidy up to help an old buffer remember contacts better.

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and I

thought I had offended you !! LOL


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Ian, you are one of the least offensive people I know. Even my stomach is more offensive than you! lol.

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and I thought

it was because I live in Essex lol


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Thought I had hit a nerve there, which was suprising, given your residential location. Lol.
I reiterate to all, its just a clear up operation. I still 'love you all'.

toadie (not verified)
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saying hi

I do have a buddy list and occassionaly drop these people a hi. I only cull if I have been offended which I never have here.
I have spoken to many many people and they often say "oh yeah I/we use studland we will come over and say hi". No one ever has, even when in the past 2 years I have had a sand castle flag flying with toadie on it.
love toadie

toadie (not verified)
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You haven't messaged me for ages dave and i always respond.
love toadie

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Is there something wrong here or are people just ignoring me ? I have sent a number of private messages in the last few weeks but get no replies, even from friends on my buddy list.

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