The Nudist County Fête

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The Nudist County Fête

Anybody know about the South of England show?  Or on a wider scale, your average village fête?
Well, we naturists hang around our own beaches, our own sun clubs, our own saunas. Talk about out of sight, out of mind! 
Has it never crossed anybody's mind to set up, say, a Dorset, a Yorkshire, a Norfolk or a Sussex Nudist fête?  Anybody can come. By paying entrance, like at any fête, they accept the terms (nudism). Think about it! 

  • Negotiate with the local council to hire a field or secluded common ground (the only difficult bit). 
  • Arrange consent for nudity on a private hired land and arrange policing/stewarding. 
  • Stage a whip round for insurance, refundable out of takings..
  • Set up a main marquee and portaloos.
  • Pitch a beer tent.
  • Build or hire a temporary kids' playground, roundabouts etc.
  • Stage competitions, e.g. a mock cricket match (no-ball, she's female!)
  • Invite festival acts, preferably nude, e.g. naked trapeze (a new tilt on swingers)

Naturism finally goes public! It's so bleeding obvious; why has it never been done?
There may still time to set this up this summer/autumn. But I cannot do it alone; we need a team. Who is with me on this?

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Who is the rich person that is gonna pay for all of that?

One Life - Live It

Pat One Life - Live It

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'Once the consent is achieved, finding a venue is not unlikely, just time-consuming. advance orders can then be taken and tickets can be done voluntarily during this venue search'

Wouldn't it make sense to have a venue first so when advertising and selling tickets people will know where the event is going to be held. I wouldn't buy a ticket for an event that i didn't know where it was being held


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Re - Nudist Country Fete

Will said,
"Naturism finally goes public! It's so bleeding obvious; why has it never been done?"

Whilst Wills idea has certain attractions I don't think its quite as easy as he thinks, but that not to say that sometime along those lines couldn't be done.

Will said,
"There may still time to set this up this summer/autumn. But I cannot do it alone; we need a team. Who is with me on this?"

I'm afraid that in my view there isn't sufficient time to get it together this year, unless someone knowing a pro naturist farmer with a field to spare and without any access problems.

I also think that careful consideration is required as to what numbers of people might attend, since you would be relying on them to cover the costs.

Wezzy said
"Good idea but I think you are setting your sights WAY to high."

I agree, I think you need to start something on a smaller scale, call it a fete, picnic or BBQ, which naturist attendance alone can financially support, whilst leaving the door open for textile friends to attend. If its successful the event can gradually grow from there.

Since I posted the above I've a couple more comments, one negative, and one positive.

Negative first. Whilst anyone attending has to accept nudism, I assume its not mandatory. Whilst some of the textiles who Will is hoping will attend might enter into the spirit and strip off, I wonder what percentage of them choosing to staying dressed would put off the naturists ?

The Bluebell Railway has reached it's 50th Anniversary this year. The latest members magazine show the four students now in their 70's who founded it. It is now one of the countries premier preserved railways. I wonder what chance of success anyone gave them when they started it ? Now how about a naturist charter train.


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Getting a self financing event is difficult

I agree getting a self financing event is difficult. In my experience it relies on the organizers putting in a lot of time, using up fuel running around with the car at their own expense, and still being prepared to buy £5 worth of raffle tickets on the day.

That is why I think that the sort of event Will is talking about needs to start small. Relatively little money will be a risk, but it can, if things go well, then get something in the kitty for the following year, and slowly grow that way.


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County Fete or Glastonbury

In my view the idea sounds great, although as people have pointed out there are a lot of negatives like who is likely to come along given the distance they might need to travel, the dates etc.

However, with some good market research you might be able to establish where the best location would be - and what time of year etc,then weigh up costs against likely income.

It might be worth thinking about an indoor event in a small sports/village hall (church?)- there you may have changing facilities too.

Best of luck

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