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recommendation to club membership

Is there a buffer anywhere here who is a member of Four Seasons Sun Club or any other local family-orientated sun club in Sussex, who knows me well enough to support my application for membership with a recommendation please?

I think you probably know the sun club that is off limits but I am still hopeful of somewhere local clean, family-orientated where I can settle in. I would be a guaranteed committed member as, being fully celibate and given the hedonist nature of many nudist places in the south, there is nowhere else suitable for me to go. My other application, Little Oaks, stumbled on a single-male waiting list with no more room. Beryl was however very understanding for which I am grateful. Yet, technically I do not fit the profile of the single male! I am not predatory; I am not interested!

I would be most grateful.


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Club Membership
I know Groucho Marx said 'Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member'.
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Single dads
In my defence, all I would add as a single male, single due to my daughters mother dating some guy in the RAF while we were together, is that I am so glad she has decided to become a naturist. Despite her tender years, 9, she fully accepted me when I was at home in the nude and on the occasions her mum lets her stay-over, we go to club events as a naturist 'family'. Selfish I know, but there is no other way with some clubs. If any membership secretary's are reading this, please bear in mind that some of us are not single by choice.
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