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ITB Facilities
Good news, the chat room is now fully functional , the avatar chat needs a little more work to allow access can be used as a guest at the moment. The Galleries are back online, and you can view galleries by clicking Buff Menu -> Galleries To create a gallery click My Account -> Create -> Gallery Once you've created the Gallery , you can then Add items to it by drag and dropping the photos from your PC. Latest photo uploads will appear in the slide show on the right too Biggrin Constructive feedback with details always welcome Smile Happy New Year !

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barebob (not verified)
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Hi, do we still have access
Hi, do we still have access to our original set of photos that we uploaded into our previous gallery? I hope so, as some of those pics were lost when my camera mem card jammed and was broken a little while ago.
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Hi Barebob, Yes members galleries are shown on their profile (top right) can see your jolly photos Smile Download them now and burn them to a CD for prosperity. Have fun William

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hi just had a look at my pics a few are missing but it says Submitted by primera15 on Thu, 01/01/1970 - 1:33am i had a lot more hair in my twenties lol. terry