My first time

I first experienced nudism, I had enlightened parents and when they stumbled upon a naturist beach, we all stripped off and regularly went to the naturist beach, although coming to terms with adulthood stopped that as I became too self concious.
Many years later, I booked  2 weeks on a Greek Island, not realising that the resort beach was split in 2, for a few days, we went onto the textile end of the beach, I didnt think my partner would be up for going naked so didnt push. Over a few Ouzo's one night we discussed the beach and both agreed to try the naturist end - and then regretted that we had left it so long before doing it! We continued using the naturist end for the rest of the holiday.
Since then I try and be naked as much as possible, although my current partner doesnt understand naturism but I have got him to go naked one day on the beach in Oz, although we were on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean - one small step, but I am sure we will get there. This year, I also  completed my first naked walk through the woods near my home, it was a hot sticky day, I had taken my T shirt off, so thought what the hell - the feeling of liberation was amazing and have been on a few more walks over the summer till it became too cold. Roll on the Summer!