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In its own way, this is a beautiful and largely deserted beach on the estuary of the River Blackwater. The beach itself is made up from sand, shingle & shells and it should be noted that as with all estuaries there is a build up of salt marsh and estuarine mud flats. I mention this not from the danger aspect, but from the footwear aspect. Don't wear your best and most fashionable trainers to walk about below the high tide mark as the water retreats! Also, the tide goes out quite a way here, ideal for beach combers and wildlife watchers alike. This beach is long enough for use by both naturists and textiles without a problem. But remember, this is an unofficial and locally tolerated naturist beach! Please dont spoil it for others! It's quite a hike (20 to 30 minutes?) from St Peters Chapel free car park, but it's a very pleasant and level walk along footpaths and the sea wall. As always, leave nothing of value in your car! And, its worth remembering that this is ideal bird and seal spotting country, so bring your binoculars and dont forget to take everything you will need for the day. It's a long walk back to the car for those mirrored sunglasses you picked up in Spain!

Take yourself to the Essex village of Bradwell-on-sea. Not to be confused with the other Bradwell Village near Dunmow.

Turn right at Bradwells one and only fuel station and garage on the outskirts of the village.
Follow the signs to "St Peter's Chapel".
Park at the Chapels free public carpark at far end of East End Road.
Take the footpath to the Chapel which is well worth a visit. It's reputed to be the oldest standing Christian building in the UK, built by St Augustine during the Roman occupation, on the site of a Roman Fort.
After the Chapel, walk on toward the sea wall and turn left (North-ish) just before you get wet.
Keep to the footpath along the sea wall with the sea to your right!
After half a mile or so from here the sea wall surface is concreted.
Follow the concrete sea wall until it finishes.
Twenty yards on there is a sandy path down onto the beach.
Continue along the beach until you're roughly in line with a World War Two pill-box. The "Unofficial" naturist beach is generally acknowledged to start here, and as with all unofficial naturist beaches it continues until the next textiled family which in my regular experience is about two miles further up the beach. However, being the sociable lot we are, we tend enjoy one anothers company for the day and generally stay within this area and half a mile or so further along the beach towards the Power Station, which you will have already noticed on your journey!

There are absolutely no facilities at this beach what so ever, not even a dustbin! So please take your rubbish home with you! Like most of the Essex coastline it can be breezy here at times, and, depending on the wind direction, a wind break may make your day more comfortable. However, there are areas above the high tide line and up to the sea defence wall where natural windbreaks occur (bushes of some kind etc) that will offer you some protection from the wind, and some privacy from the prying eyes of passing hikers, dog walkers and pony riders, not that these are in abundance here!

From your chosen vantage point on the beach you will be able to see up river towards Osea Island and the historic port of Maldon, across river to Mersea Island, and out into the estuary towards St Osyth on the estuary of the River Colne, and as far as Clacton-on-sea and out into the North Sea. You will also be in an ideal position to view passing sailing boats and historic sailing barges from the ports of Maldon and Brightlingsea. Remember, this is an estuary and therefore the tides and currents can be strong and may take you unaware! As with all beaches and water, safety comes first!

Enjoy your day!

Naturist and textile harmony

Description of place:Bradwell-on-sea
Facilities :No food or drink sales
No overnight accommodation
Family or Adults only:Occasional sexual behaviour may be seen
Visitors per dayUp to 10
Naturists per day:Up to 10

Photos (1 of Bradwell and 2 of St Osyth ) courtesy of tom sawyer :)

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Well, having a 'sort of' day off work today and with the forecast being sunshine,showers and around 20 degrees set off for Bradwell, which is only about 20 miles from me (although in the 14 years I have lived here not been within 10 miles of it - the directions should read 'turn right at the end of the world!') That said the directions here are spot on and, surprisingly perhaps, the little garage is still going. Parked up in the car park by the chapel in the sunshine, and with it pleasantly warm, albeit with a goodly coastal breeze. The chapel looks really old and like a barn! In a surreal turn of events it has one of the new 'it is illegal to smoke in these premisies' signs drawing pinned to its centuries old door! Any way followed the instructions past the chapel and along a little track, meeting no one. A few hundred yards later you reach the sea wall - here you can see ahead for a long way and knew no one was close behind so stripped off and walked along the 'wall' which is just a 'dyke' at this stage - as the instructions say it gives way to a concrete wall a lttle further along. Still no sign of anyone - naked walking with a warm-ish wind howling round your body takes some beating. Saw a couple of cyclists coming along, and donned shorts briefly but soon had them back off and walked the last few hundred yards along the beach, rather than the wall - a great feeling of freedom and still not a soul to be seen. Got to the part of beach that the instructions state is the 'unofficial naturist section' - you wouldn't know! Deserted. Anyway sat on beach for quarter of an hour with a cheese roll for company, then, eyeing up the huge black clouds rolling in from St Osyth beach over the Blackwater estuary made the return journey - unclothed for a while with shorts a little further on as a lady walking 3 dogs appeared on the horizon. Back towards the chapel the warm breeze had turned chilly and the sun had turned to a squall. Another lady dog walker looked at me as if I was insane clad only in shorts when she was dressed like an intrepid polar explorer. That said, the rain and wind feel good too .... as long as it is only briefly! Back to the car and ate the rest of the lunch before driving home the 'even more back roads route' naked. Very pleasant few hours, although didnt meet another naturist and only a couple of others at all. Never sure if that is good or bad! Anyway sun out in the garden now so will finish the afternoon with a naked coffee. Phil

Today at Bradwell

We went today ! The good thing was that the clothed people never really took any notice of our nakedness and just politely said "morning" or acknowledged our general exsistance.The sea when it eventually came in did look a little bit “scummy” more probably because of the river mud than anything but this did not spoil our enjoyment as we marvelled in the tranquility of this secluded spot.We managed a short walk along the beach spotting Mersea, Brightlingsea and St Osyth on the other side of the estuary. Biggrin


Went here again today ......

Went here again today ...... nothing changes (other than a new wind turbine or two on the horizon) and it is still the tranquil idyll it always was.

Once I had cleared the odd dog walker managed two hours of walking - along the 'sea wall' from St Peters Chapel to the power station and back - wearing only an unzipped fleece and without seeing a soul,

Reasonably warm - all things considered - and a lovely spring day.






Had a great afternoon at

Had a great afternoon at Bradwell. Only ever got bare in the garden. Was exploring Internet and found unofficial nudist beach nearb at Bradwell. Directions were very easy to follow. 

There was more people around than I expected, but that's maybe because of the school holidays. As I walked on further along the sea wall there were less and less people around. Dropped down on to the beach path as directed and kept walking a while until found a secluded spot at the top of the beach near the bushes and sat down and removed shoes and t shirt. After a couple of minutes, decided to go for it and removed my shorts. Felt a bit strange and vulnerable at first but soon forgot and started to enjoy the warmth and fresh air all over my body. Then laid back and started to relax and enjoy the surroundings and sea air. Plenty of boats on the river but no one wandering in the beach.

Put my shorts back on and walked back along the beach with the sand between my toes. Such a good feeling.

As one of your members previously posted, thought I'd try it and once back in the car, stripped off again and started my drive back. Liberating. A short while in I had to slow down to pass some horse riders. By the smiled and giggles on their faces think I was caught out!!

Now tried it once will be back.


Hi       Went to Bradwell


      Went to Bradwell yesterday and spent a few hours on the beach , during this time i only saw one family group of walkers but no other naturists at all so was a bit worried about getting naked as not sure if this is still used by other like minded people , can anyone advise if it is safe to get naked on this beach and has anyone been or got plans to go there this weekend please let me know


I dont think it is used by

I dont think it is used by naturists now, we had one member on here who went regularly but he has now moved away, he said he rarely if ever saw anyone else there naked

I go when the mood takes me.

I go when the mood takes me. I've never seen anybody else naked, but neither have the textile walkers or fishermen taken objection to my nudity.  If anybody would like my company there, just give me a couple of hours notice.   

So can bradwell be used then

So can bradwell be used then , I know its not the weather yet , but never tried a beach yet , so may give it a go when the weather warms up , don't even mind if anyone wants to come along to, some one to chat to ,

Have fun

Will be going down there in

Will be going down there in March,weather permitting,have also been informed you can walk naked from the church to the right along the sea wall away from Bradwell naked.Can meet if any one interested.