Holkham Beach

Beach in Norfolk

Holkham official naturist beach on the north coast of Norfolk near Wells-next-the-Sea.

Textiles are not welcome but tolerated
Can be very windy at times

There are no toilets or facilities, so take all your own drink and food

Description of place:Holkham Beach
Facilities :Basic cafe - dressed
Nearby places to stay (textile)
Family or Adults only:Family friendly
Visitors per dayUp to 100
Naturists per day:Up to 100

Thanks to Davey Babe for the photo

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United Kingdom
52° 57' 29.3508" N, 0° 50' 50.3556" E



Heard that the naturist status had been revoked. Further to this, it was being policed too.


Not as far as I am aware ... all was fine early 2008.... Only policing was by Rangers and they seem to be friendly..... Mr Bun

great place

Lovely beach, mostly nice people , but stay away from the dunes, the "dune creatures" can be a pain. Take plenty of food and drinks, long hike but well worth it. Andy and Anya